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Greg Godovitch -Goddo etc.: Paul Dean- Loverboy/Streetheart and many others: Jim Llewellyn -Painter/Hammersmith/ Bo Diddley/ and many others :Kim and Mike Retallick Triple Teaz(local band) etc. Winter 2011

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  •  Jim Llewellyn

    FYI:You can get all kinds of neat T-shirts/Mugs/Stickers etc. for Musicians or whatever on Cafe Press.com. for Xmas. That one Jim is wearing is from there. He has some other funny ones too. One is "Drummer by Day Deadly Ninja By Night ". I like the one that has an arrow to the face and says: "This Is Much Better Looking Than Any Drum Machine." The ones Drum stores give usually only have the store on them, but I like the funny sayings. You can get anything there for any job.