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  • Samia S.

     I show this picture to a friend who goes "french polish finish allows for the top to vibrate better and produce a nicer quality of tone bla bla bla", who cares about  varnish types while watching this? The wood lines and the result are just hyptnotic, it does look like some golden lake's troubled surface water on one side and peaceful on the other.It's brilliant.I love it.

  • albinoSQUIRREL

    That's a beautiful guitar. Congrats!!

  • astrid

    I think you had this at the show last night but I don't think you ever played it - too bad! Nice ax.

  • Patrick David Wood

    I am so jealous of this Guitar. AGHHHHH. Oh well, if, and when this Guitar does become your Signature Axe, I will BUY ONE so I won't haffa be jealous no more. WAAAAAAAAA. I can't wait. WAAAAAAAA. Quick, somebody call the WAAAAMBULANCE for me.  P.

  • John(Lizweedus)

    It's a belter as we'd say here. Awesome to you.