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  • Nick Pelkey

    I'm thinking it would be pretty cool to get anything from Eddie. Very cool that is a guitar from that period. Isn't it great when your hero turns out to be a cool person. I've heard stories of other musicians that didn't dare meet their hero as they wanted to stay fans and not remove the mystique or some such crap like that... (I think it was Gwen Stefani speaking about the Cure....). I like knowing my hero is a person because it encourages me to do my own thing. I guess a hero serves varying purposes for different people.

  • jimi22812

    Thanks, Dweezil! I'm delighted I was able to play a small part in uncovering that EVH guitar mystery. I had always wondered what had happened to the "Unchained" guitar until a guy who goes by "evhguitars" told me about it's history.
    That's when I decided to launch this loony "investigation", I needed proof! And, honestly, when I examined and compared photos of both guitars I found it rather quickly! It was there all the time! Typical!
    Enjoy the "Rasta", Dweezil and if it's not too much trouble please take the time to post some updated video and pictures of that guitar. I'd love to see more!

  • Dweezil

    Very nice detective work. It's a great pleasure to play that guitar. Now even more so!

  • Tommywho5150

    as ever Jimi...awesome

  • jimi22812

    It was my pleasure, Dweezil, I'm glad that you now know the full history which is, in a word, amazing! Consider this: the body was painted twice by Ed, it was used on two world tours (1981 &1982) and it had the same 21-fret, squared heeled that's on the Franky today affixed to it during that period.
    The neck's history is even more incredible... it was the first of Ed's necks to receive a Floyd nut, it was one of the first Charvel necks to feature a logo, it was used on the 1978, 1979 and 1980 tours, it was installed on the Franky and on the Snake... I mean, the combined history of the body and neck and the total EVH guitar history that they represent render that guitar priceless!!!