DZPZ Bloomington IL 7-14-12

Here are some of my pics from the Bloominton show. Sorry for the lower resolution, Hope you understand.
  • David D

    greats shots again


    These are so awesome! Wish I was there!

  • thepoodlebites

    @ Gary..

    Thanks..My style comes from learning Photography/Darkroom under a master Black and White Photographer.

    I learned what is called the Zone System developed by the Great Ansel Adams!

    It's a system that teaches you the values of grays and whites.

    Basically, I shoot for the shadows and develop for the highlights!

    Today's Digital cameras with all the auto modes and ISO settings let photographers get results that were not possible in days gone by...I still always shoot/focus manually to achieve my style.

    I enjoy all photography and styles, and have had people comment to me that they knew that I took a particular shot just by the look/style of that shot before knowing that it was actually one of mine... That's pretty cool!

  • Gary

    Once again thank you for your photo contributions. They continue to offer that classic 70s photo look.

    Speaking of great photos, I can not say enough about how much I like the results that Thierry has achieved on this tour. His photos have so much depth. Not only the equipment and the HD dimensional aspects he has used but he has been to so many shows with photo access from so many angles. I am really liking his work alot and I suspect we agree on that.

    Not to take anything away from your work it's just different work environments. Yours gives that old 70s pro photographer that was front of stage. Thierry was around for a long time this tour, offering the eye lens view from so many different angles. A great professional job done all around. I am rellay hoping to see what can be done with the video Thierry has done. He seems to be thrilled at his results and based on his photography I expect we are going to get something special. Between both of you guys all of us here  have many great photos from this tour. Thanks.

  • John(Lizweedus)

    Excellent pics.