20120708 - Alexandria VA

I didnt make may photographs this show, I was busy with video, had the best seat in the hoouse for this (thanks to my friends from Dweezilla who let me get there, you know who you are guys...). Ijust hope I can upload some of these videos one day, after getting some green light from the band...
  • Thierry

    Thanks everybody for the nice comments.

    @David : this was the venue with the worst lights I saw this tour (LEDs only, those are terribe for cameras, and also for the audience IMHO, but cheap and very little heat on stage), and they would need a ot of post processing, maybe later... But I had the best seat in the house, about 2ft from DZ's mic stand... my video is absolutely awesome, and I hope I can share it here some day (I need DZ's and ZFT's clearance before uploading any video so this mght take a little while, to say the least)

  • John(Lizweedus)

    Cracker pics Thierry

  • David -Just another noodler.......

    Once again, great album Thierry. Not sure if you said this was the venue that you liked the lighting most but these are some of my favourites of your shots.

    Thanks again


    Thierry, Awesome pictures,Thank's for the time effort & travel, you did a great job. Keep up the good work.....or fun!!!    DZpZ  Rocks  Peace Fruie.

  • Thierry

    Thanks George ! It wqs good to see you again at this show...