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The Wall

Roger Waters returns to where it all began in September 2010, with a new, slick, and visceral show. The Stadium production of the Wall. New Graphics, new projections, A NEW SONG. The band is TIGHT, Roger is intense and happy .... well worth checking out .... hope you like my pics !
  • Phil

    the stadium show is better than the 2010 arena show .... makes you wonder how Roger does it, but he's always tweaking the production, improving ....

  • Steve

    I have to miss it this time around, they are playing Yankee Stadium July 6th and 7th (Dweezil is Tarreytown, NY that night and I have to miss that also) as I will be on vacation so I have to miss it, but at least I saw it in 2010 at the IZOD in New Jersey.  And it was one of the best concerts I've ever experienced