• Abney Park?S Steampunk Guitar Par Molly Friedrich
  • Brother Jones
  • Clockwork Steampunk Stratocaster Par Steampunk Workshop
  • Organum Insolitus 2 Par Metropolis Music
  • Organum Insolitus Par Metropolis Music
  • Steampunk Guitar B
  • Steampunk Acoustic
  • The Elder Bass Guitar Par Molly Friedrich A
  • The Machine Par Mc Swain Guitars
  • The Machine Par Mc Swain Guitars 2
  • The Nautilus 2 Par Thunder Eagle
  • The Nautilus Par Thunder Eagle
  • The Villanizer Par Thunder Eagle
  • Z1

Steampunk Guitars

the last images I've found. I'm working on Celtic and Medieval patterns at the moment , then ( when I have time) I'll try to put them on metal plates and send them to those guys ( I've heard Aluminum alloys containing magnesium have better damping properties than pure aluminum.So it should be Die Cast Aluminum against copper which looks better...