I scored this tablecloth after the Allman Brothers left it behind in a bar Stage 1 in Clarence,N.Y. But not before doodleing all over it for about 3 hours, it went on till last call anyway. Artwork  done by  Gregg Allman and Dicky Betts. Duane Allman Signature Was penned by Greeg Allman.  Greeg Signed his name then Dicky copied it and then the other way around. It all started  earlier that day. I went to work (3/11) with tickit in my pocket,So i kinda blew outta work sick LMAO Shot to the Aud enjoyed a great concert.Then a friend talked me into driving to this bar saying he heard the Allman bros were gonna be there.Well we were there first then all of a sudden here thay come big tall hats coming through the croud.Thay took the stage played 3or 4 tunes only one to this day i remember was the first one because thay did not do it earlier. One of my fav's Stormy monday my face right up to the stage in front of Greeg. UnfreakinBeliveable. Thay used equipement from That night's band. The tablecloth was huge it covered a long table with all the Allman Bros action focused on one end. I had gotten other papers signed thru out the nite even the back of my pay stub lol. For not til the very end and after the Allman bros left. It was at that moment that i realized that this tablecloth it was mine. Nobody objected away i went. It's got a lot of stains on it i call that the flavor ov the nite.           

  • David S.

    But wait?  Duane was long gone before 79, I got to meet them in Sept. 70 a month after the 2nd. Atlanta Pop festival when they played in my home town,Charleston, S.C. My two older brothers had a band that opened for them. It was just before or after Hendrix passed away.