The Grande Mothers Re:invented 2012 #2

  • John the King of Plookers

    Clarity is not one of his strong points. Nor brevity!

  • HJ

    Gary: What I didn't care about was you. That is not a problem for society. Your "I gave an open reply which is far more informative and honest than . . ." is laughable. But at least you now have the courtesy to explain why you are pissed about Napoleon. Fair enough.

    You could then just have said: "Given Napoleon's recent trash talk about DZ, I hate to see these pictures". THAT would have been informative and honest.

    You can't seriously expect that every time you utter a sentence, people must do independent research to try figuring out what you meant?

  • jaws

    DaveOC:  A 5-piece is a bit limiting I wouuld think given the complexity of the music.  But I will let you know what I think after I see them next week.  I debated whether or not to go but curiosity has got the better of me :)  Looks like they play a shortish set - 13 songs I think. The comments about DZ were pretty foul - I wondered too about his state of mind.


  • DaveOC

    I read that interview w/Nappy. I liked the stuff about the old days, but when he said "DZ doesn't get it", over and over; that hurt.

    It's like he has a mental illness or something.

    The grandmothers sound is empty without a percussionist/vibe player.

  • Gary


    You were the one who asked. I gave an open reply which is far more informative and honest than Napoleon Murphy Brock's lies about The Mothers and Dweezil Zappa. You yourself state you don't care and that's one of the problems in society, people don't care to take the time and investigate perpetuated falsehoods. 

    Napoleon is not so much a suspect but a convicted criminal of the law. When a felon goes to prison you have to wonder what type of defense mechanism he has to have to survive. The behavior pattern of his lies, for Napoleon to outright lie about the Mothers and Dweezil Zappa. It all smells like a really foul promotional device.

    If you need it spelled out any more investigate the promotional info for the Grandmothers tour on his website, investigate how he speaks in a recent Grateful Web interview. Napoleon was never anything more than a guest in ZPZ. He parades the Grammy as a promotional tool and spreads downright lies about Dweezil Zappa. He claims to have been in the Mothers from 1974-1984. What a joke. He was in  the Mothers from late 1973 to the spring of 1976. He was in the Zappa Band in 1984 for a very brief period of time and was fired. Basically 3 years with Frank and fired with an aisle or window seat.