ZPZ - RTF Greek Theatre 20 Sept.2011

Added a few from Stanleys fb page.
  • Vile and Pernicious

    The ones that turned out are really good. But best of all is that I'm sure you had a good time.

  • David McCain

    I had a few blury ones to. Ironically, the security staff was constantly telling me to put my camera away. Which wasn't a big deal to me. But they obviously didn't see the first two rows of people taking photos with their more advanced IPhones and camera phones ( haha ).

  • thepoodlebites

    Don't feel bad Dave I have lost a ton (If only I'd) type of shots over the years..

    I still loose some to various problems because I shoot everything in Manual Mode.

    The price I pay cause I'm constantly changing Shutter speeds, Apertures and ISO settings.

    You said your hands shake and if that is the cause I would go out and buy a telescoping mono-pod....providing the venues will let you in with them.

  • DaveOC

    Some aren't too bad I guess