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In nature

Some photos I been taking the last weeks. Enjoy.
  • tom p.

    Hi Peter, I've been enjoying your art for awhile and I'd really like to hang a piece in my home if that's OK with you that I print one of your Photos with my ink jet printer so it wouldn't be like a saleable print, just something for me to enjoy. If not that's cool I'll enjoy them here.

  • Mama LaLa

    Love your work! Your use of colors and your use of shadow & light really keep me interested. The flowers in the wheat field are my favorites. =)

  • Peter S.

    Stephen the glass is part of a sculpture.

  • stephen w.

    fantastic photography beautiful to see flowers and nature .that i will otherwise never see .love the glass domes .what are they a part of?keep up the good work youve a gd eye for it .


    I can see your sense of wonder and humor in all your pix.That's a rare quality in a photagraphers eye.Very cool pix my friend! Surprised They all have that *wow* factor going too.I love it! {-