20110728 - Woodstock, NY, with Flo & Eddie!!!

Some pictures from this show I was sooooooooo lucky to attend...
  • Gary

    I guess i was mistaken thinking you were Thierry Deruelle. I was thinking you were that musicians and but also a great photographer. I know I got the great photographer part correct. Even if I got the wrong Thierry I still am interested in hearing your guitar craft.

  • Thierry

    Hahaha ! Gary is talking about another Thierry for sure

  • Gary

    The pictures bring back some fun and not so fun memories of what Flo & Eddie contributed as Guest Artists. I would have to say that Argo &  Scheila's pre-show performance was one of the finer unexpected moments that evening. Speaking of Unexpected moments that happen at Bearsville, I hope this Thursday's show, or pre-show  has some nice surprises in it. We already got a fine tasting of what Dweezil and some of his band mates have contributed to Thierry's music.Thierry up there on the stage, possibly with a set of musicians doing a little pre-show tasting, I sure hope so.

  • John(Lizweedus)

    Good one mate.

    Wish I could meet those two guys.