New Zappa fan!

My newest boy, born on 3/8/11 ( a math year, 3 + 8 = 11, get it??? ).
  • David McCain

    Thanks again everyone! He's doing great and is now just starting to take his first steps walking! This weekend we should see him walking on his own!

  • Samia S.

    Sweet ! Welcome Boy!

  • David McCain

    So far my life has been really outstanding. I really don't have complaints. I take things pretty simply. But having two children REALLY gave me more inspiration in my life. So things are even better. My newest boy is pretty sweet. He's six weeks old and is now starting to smile lots. So life for me is good. Thanks for the comments all. On a Zappa related note, he does like to smile at me when I attempt to dance to " Cheepnis " on our DVD/CD player.

  • Ciaran Cunningham

    Congratulations David

  • Michael R.

    Congratulations. I see we are both November birthdays, ourselves. My daughter, she's my oldest, was born Mar 28. Way back in 91, though. Again, many congratulations. I have told my children many times that if my only purpose on earth was to be their father, that is enough and I don't even feel worthy of that. Children are beautiful and life changing.