Dweezilla Music Boot Camp 2015

During the ROXY & ELSEWHERE 40th Anniversary tour Dweezil began offering a 90 minute Dweezilla guitar class each afternoon before soundcheck. The class featured Dweezil's own "3 sets of 2 strings" visualization of the fretboard approach and an emphasis on developing a rhythmic vocabulary for lead playing. Dweezil enjoyed sharing his own playing insights with fellow guitar enthusiasts so much that he has now made it a regular part of his touring schedule.

The classes are open to players of all ages and skill levels and the group sizes typically range from 10 to 70 people. For around the same price as a new fuzz pedal ($75.00) you can come expand your musical horizons.

  Dweezilla Music Bootcamp is evolving as well. Stay tuned for details about about the locations for the 2015 gatherings!


  • Susan O.

    To those of you who have attended a class--I'm not that skilled and typically finger pick acoustic when I play (which I haven't been doing much lately) and never quite learned to use a pick. Is this class going to be way over my head? Looking for insights from those who've been. (and should I bring an electric if I go?)


  • Alexander T.

    Went to the Syracuse class - looking forwrd to the .pdf - my email must have been ineligible (I blame the fat magic marker).



  • Barry C.

    got the PDFs from megan yesterday

  • Leadlicker

    What is the word on the PDF's?  I haven't seen anything yet from the Masterclass.  Please pass along how we go about obtaining them.  The class was great and was looking forward to more!

  • pist

    From the total lack of response to my questions cncerning receiving the pdf's I paid for, I take this site is not monitored by the Zappa staff.

    If anyone can tell me who and how to contact who is  supposed to be sending out the PDFs forDweeail's mastersclass I attended 8 feb 14 at the HOB in Anaheim, please let me know