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Of course FZ, The Beatles, Dylan, Freddie King, Wes Montgomery, and etc.
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I am a long time FZ fan. My first album was "Just Another Band From LA". The first FZ music I remember hearing was "Freak Out". I became a huge fan and purchased almost every FZ album available. In 1979 I enrolled as a jazz guitar major at the University of North Texas. Before graduating in 1984 I attended three FZ concerts in Dallas. I am very impressed by Dweezil's musicianship and am interested in learning more about his techniques and more about Frank's music. I learned the "sevens" from "Inca Roads" by repeatedly watching DZ on "youtube" I teach guitar and perform in the SD area. Thank you for reading. Mike
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Hello Everyone,Today was another one of those days WTF kind of......Read more
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Hello Everyone, Tomorrow is day one of DZPFZ rehearsal! It's the first time we are playing under our new name and the band will be slightly different this time around as well. I've added an additional female vocalist named......Read more
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I am in the planning stages for Dweezilla 2014. Not sure when I will be able to announce. Hopefully by November 2013. The dates will likely be later in the summer rather than what we have done the past few years.......Read more