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My Family, Music, and Guitars
not much
The Jerk
Zappas Mothers Hendrix just about anything if I like I like it.
About me:
I remember the 1st time I saw a Mothers of Invention album not Freak Out but We're Only in It for the Money. How could I miss it in my frends older brothers collection a bunch of scrufty men in dresses. I was 13 y/o (1969). From that day everytime I heard anything The Mothers of Invention I took interest. I remember listening & thinking,"how could anyone think of anything like this?" I had girlfriends break up with me cause I listened to Frank Zappa. People would throw my Zappa 8 tracks and cassettes out my car window. I have been to many Zappa shows in the 1970s NYC area. I still have all my albums (lucky I never had a turntable in any of my cars) Im still am a BIG Zappa fan. Just another band from LA was always my favorite.
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