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About me:
I absolutely love Zappa's music, discovering it three years ago was one of the best things I think I have ever done. First two albums of Frank's that I listened to were: "Son of Cheap Thrills" and "Absolutely Free" Since then I have listened to just about nearly all of Frank's work including some boots. My friends are also very enthusiastic about Zappa's music and one of my friends,Mathew(trumpet,keys,and Xylophone), and I had talked about creating a Zappa tribute band; Considering that as far as I know there are no Zappa tribute bands in Tasmania. We have attempted to work out "I am the Slime", "Montana", "Inca Roads", "Keep It Greasy", "Cosmic Debris", "The Black page #2", "Peaches En Regalia", "Willie the Pimp", and a few more. I play the drums and I am very passionate about them. I have just recently bought a Korg Wave-drum and I am still experimenting with it.
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