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The Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing Frank Zappa's 200 Motels at the Walt Disney Concert Hall this October.  The main venue has 2,265 seats.

take the tour - http://www.laphil.com/visit/tours

the event - http://www.laphil.com/tickets/10th-anniversary-celebration-green-umbrella-zappa039s-200-motels/2013-10-23

UK premiere Oct 29th  Capacity 2,500 http://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/whatson/frank-zappas-200-motels-71696


I hope that this event will happen in other cities throughout the world.

  • JoeG

  • JoeG

    Hearing the L.A. Philharmonic with Ian Underwood playing Semi Fraudulent /Direct From Hollywood Overture (Holiday in Berlin) was awesome!

  • DaveOC

    R I P  Theodore Bikel

  • DaveOC

    Can't wait to hear ZAPPA 101: 200 MOTELS, Conducted by Esa-Pekka Salonen, performed at Disney Hall by the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Los Angeles Master Chorale. 

  • DaveOC

  • David S.

    Gail said that the Oct. 23rd performance of 200 Motels was recorded for release on CD,. Has any one heard when this might get released?

  • Gary

    I certainly hope all that attended the shows in LA and London had a great time. Surely wish I could have been at either of the shows but much thanks to GZ and all involved for making it all happen.

    The BBC3 Radio Hear and Now broadcast enabled folks to get a pretty good audio reference of the event. In speaking of the BBC3 Hear and Now program. Some of the pre and post show dialogue that was given by Ben Watson was not my cup of tea. I for one think that so-called Zappalogist commentary, was a dowtrodden example of stealing the composers intent. I was able to remove that out with some creative audio editing. Pointedly nothing in the score is lost. As I now give repeated listens, I am quite thankful as to not have to hear that ungrateful commentary again.

    I have hopes that the ZFT can produce a high fidelity CD, with some detailed liner notes and photography. In this version of 200 Motes: The 13 Suites, I feel ever so fortunate that this production was put on. That the score exists! These 13 suites are some-what early if FZs orchestral score writing. The diversity that one can hear within this project is quite remarkable. I for one feel this showcases a specific orchestral writing style of FZs during that period of time while touring with the Mothers in the 60s.  With Frank's early film scoring for Run Home Slow, The World's Greatest Sinner and the Lumpy Gravy Orchestral Sessions, we get can now gett a more defined look into that early writng style. How the suites developed into the film score, or the score that was used in this production. Well those differences are not something I want to get into.  It's a waste of time and energy that detracts from 200 Motels, The 13 Suites 

    I wonder if we can hope for 1972's Hunchentoot. Some of the monor details 22-piece orchestra and a 10-voice chorus, many character roles and specific proiduction instructions by teh composer. While smaller than 200 Motels I do see similarities of a World Premier that is hopefully in the making. This, and but also, Simnister Footwear, these works deserve their time and space.

  • tonynobolony

    what a great  south bank show last night ! cheers Frank !!!


  • tonynobolony

    tonights the night at the southbank ! i'll be there  can 't wait !!


  • DaveOC

    There was a Steve Vai sighting in the front row after the house lights came on. He'll probably make a Roxy show this December, as well.