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A group for friends to talk about ZPZ tours - past, present and future.Also, band members(current & ex-ZPZ) side projects.

Yogurt is: Joe Travers, Kurt Morgan, Scheila Gonzalez, Jamie Kime and Jonathan Sindelman

Gryphon Labs - http://www.gryphonlabsmusic.com/public_html/Official_Website.html

Joe Travers and Friends

Baked Potato Monday Night Jam feat. Jamie Kime

and others.

  • DaveOC

    Tonight @ the Baked Potato - Studio City, CA

    Chris Wabich...Drums
    Farmer Greif...Guitar
    David Hughes...Bass
    Ben Thomas...Vocals

    I guess they do some originals and cover mash-ups.

  • DaveOC

  • DaveOC

    The Fuxedos in LA.

  • DaveOC

    There are some great songs on this disc right here!

  • DaveOC

    The Yogurt show was amazing! I walked into the sold out Baked Potato(they allow about 25 SRO entries after the 70 seats are gone) and found the last bar stool available. The bar was off to the side, and not very well lit. Photos are gonna be tough, I thought, especially with my Canon power shot from the stone-age. 

    The band was super tight, as you'd expect. Joe Travers mentioned that they only did three rehearsals for this event. Jonathan Sindelman played great keyboards in the George Duke style. The setlist was focused on the mid - late 70's. During the talking portion each member paid their respect and love of FZ music. It was very moving, especially Jamie Kime, who got a little emotional during his turn. When Gail finally spoke at the very end of the set, she basically thanked all band members and fans for their support. I sure hope it got recorded by the house. The owner also had his turn and spoke about the history of the Baked Potato(his father passed the ownership onto him). He said musicians from FZ's bands were regular players here.

    It was a wonderful celebration of Frank Zappa's music. I wish I could have stayed for the 2nd show, to see and hear it all again.(Jamie said the list would be the same) It was tough to leave.

    2/19/2015 first set

    1. Phyonix take two(from Joe's Camouflage) segue
    2. Marqueson's Chicken
    3. Dog Meat segue
    4. RDNZL (JT before DM - "these two will be the most challenging of the night")
    5. Village Of The Sun(1978 arrangement w/ Pete Griffin on bass. Scheila vocal)
    6. Lonely Little Girl(J.Sindelman vocal.) segue
    7. Big Swifty(a nice long version)
    8. Band Members talk
    9. Farther O'Blivion(the longest # of the night @ 15+ min.)
    10. GZ speaks.

    approx. 80 min.

    In the crowd - Gail & Diva Zappa, Ruth Underwood, James Santiago(I love you Scheila!), Beverly D'Angelo and next to me in the SRO area was the mighty Thomas Nordegg.


  • DaveOC

    I'll have the YOGURT, please.

  • DaveOC

  • DaveOC

    I'll be at the first show tonight with Plook from Zappa.com.

    Yogi Lonich Bio - http://yogimusic.com/bio/

  • DaveOC

    They're back...


  • DaveOC

    This was such a great show!