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This is a group designed to collect suggestions for material to be learned by Zappa Plays Zappa in 2012. Please consider posting your choice of songs from the 60s - 70s- and 80s in a setlist format.

Would you like to help choose?

  • DaveOC

    Mo's Vacation

  • DaveOC

    On to 2013.

    Duke Of Prunes

    Let's Move To Cleveland

    Disco Boy

    Find Her Finer


    So Dweezil, about the Cleveland,OH. gig i  would not hate it if you keep Cosmik Debris on this set list. Also more trouble every day and Muffin Man,would be cool.How bout this as the ENCORE:

    Peace Fruie. 

  • DaveOC

    ...might as well do the full Tortured Rat.

  • John(Lizweedus)

    @ Fruie..

    Cheers buddy.

    I like it myself.

    Tell ya what - I'd like to see ZPZ perform Purple Guitar as an outro. Loud too. Just a thought.

  • DaveOC

    Zoot Allures


    @John, I could live with that!

  • John(Lizweedus)

    Ok, let me have a go at this...

    1.Chunga's Revenge

    2. Hungry Freaks Daddy

    3. Who Are The Brain Police

    4. Eat That Question

    5. Trouble Everyday

    6. Uncle Meat (Main Theme)

    7. Advance Romance

    8. Honey,Don't You Wanna Man Like Me

    9.  Mother People

    10. Montana

    11. Cheepnis

    12.  Black Napkins

    13.  The Torture Never Stops

    14.  Let's Make The Water Turn Black

    15.  Sofa #1

    16.  Flakes

    17.  Broken Hearts....

    18. Sharleena

    19. We're Turning Again

    20. Packard Goose

    21. Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station

    22. Strictly Genteel


    Big Swifty

    Camarillo Brillo,

    Muffin Man

    Willie The Pimp


  • DaveOC

    A trombone player. now more than ever.


    The Torture Never Stops  Say No More!!!  Well Worth Repeating  What Say You ???

    1 Black Napkins

    2 Montana

    3 Easy Meat

    4 Beauty Knows No Pain

    5 Charlie's Enormous Mouth

    6 Fine Girl

    7 Teen-age Wind

    8 Harder Than Your Husband

    9 Bamboozled By Love

    10 We're Turning Again

    11 Alien Orifice

    12 Flakes

    13 Broken Hearts Are For A******s

    14 You Are What You Is

    15 Mudd Club

    16 The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing

    17 Dumb All Over  (My Personal Favorite)

    18 Heavenly Bank Account

    19 Suicide Chump

    20 Jumbo Go Away

    21 Stevie's Spanking

    22 The Torture Never Stops

    23 Strictly Genteel


    24 The Illinois Enema Bandit