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This is a group for all those attending/planning to attend the

Dweezilla Music Boot Camp 2012

July 23rd-27th, 2012 

For bookings and other details see the Dweezilla 2012 Page

Feel free to ask any questions, discuss travel plans, look for a shared ride or ask a question of a previous alumnus.


  • Rich P.

    At Dweezilla 2012 Now... AWESOME Experience... Totally musical & filled with friendship. Thanks Campers and.... Dweezil, Joe, Curt, Chris, Sheila, Ben and of course James Santiago..As well as the staff from Music Masters & Half Moon.. Super experience.

  • GMBG

    I hope someone will be live blogging the event!

  • Ninang

    Good luck James


  • JamesHolt

    I need to go this year, and i'm trying to scrape together the cash. Will have to book at the last minute. Wish me luck.

  • Ninang

    Time is fleeting.....so close to Dweezilla....pretty psyched....


  • Ninang

    I am there! I would love a little interactive and some personal lessons. I thinkI have reached a stage in my undestanding of my instrument where that would actually help.I continue to learn and destroy! I am really psyched to attend this year.

  • thepoodlebites

    Boy...That just made me feel better!

    (I'm leaving now to go buy a lottery ticket!)

  • Dweezil

    Hello Campers,

    I am looking forward to seeing there this year. We have a few new things we are hoping to do to make things even more interactive and hands on. Scheduling will be a bit lighter and more one on one lessons should be available to those who are interested. I'm investigating a way to do a band member/student mentoring project that may allow different student groups to learn a song under the guidance of a few different band members and then do a series of student performances for everyone at the end of camp.


    Still trying to figure who all is confirmed and how many instrumentalists there are. This concept may not work if there is not a good balance of students/instrumentalists.

    I am also planning a special guitar tone laboratory workshop where we can discuss how to make certain sounds and ways to create your own signature sounds.

    Anyway, this year will be fun as well as different than last year. I hope that people enjoy their time with us and find the musical ideas helpful.


  • thepoodlebites

    Not looking good this year...

    Really wanted to bring Mary and camp again.. 

    I understand they are trying to cater to the non-musical attendees also

    ( Actually I needed a co-pilot last time I went...That drive sucked! )

    I fell like I have advanced enough to feel more comfortable in playing around others and it would of been fun learning and jamming with all of you.

    Have a blast and let us know how it went.


  • Ninang

    Just got a pigtronix Fat Drive. Now I canadd toPigtronix Disnortion and Enveleope Phaser. I have decided to take my 35 Watt amp with me. They do provide amps but they really are poor  amps for a bass. I gotta get a hand truck to carry it but Iam not gonna deal with these amps this time. Iam also gonna bring both  my fender P and fender J bass. also considering  the custom 5 string.

     my ratio  of great equipment ::to:: how much I suck when I play is high.

    ...but I am getting there.