About Group

This is a support group for those of us who (for one reason or another) didn’t get to attend Dweezilla this year. 

Just like the kids who didn’t get to go on the class trip in school ………..We are the Naughty Kids !!   

  • Tommy Quirk

    That's right.  We're still here !!  Did someone lose the key ??  Any chance of someone letting us out this Summer ?? 

    Hello ?? 

  • thepoodlebites

    @ Tommy...Haven't heard from Kev.

    100 degrees here today and I see Big Indian NY isn't much cooler..

    Can you say hot campers!

    No blog or anything from there.

  • David -Just another noodler.......

    No cryin' - that's my game face.

    (I really need to make a beeping sound when I back up like that)

  • Tommy Quirk

    Speaking of Dweezilla Alums....has anyone heard from Kev since he went away to school ?

  • thepoodlebites

    OK..They were both there but I swear I wasn't looking out the window..

    Besides DZ was in there before me..I think he opened the window!

  • Tommy Quirk

    @ Mark - I knew the scene without ever clicking on the link !!  

    The Short Bus keeps rolling along.......

  • thepoodlebites

    @Tommy....Says you!

    I know this is suppose to be a support group in all but I feel like the kid that was sent home from Dweezilla Camp early cause he was Naughty!

    (Something about beating off watching the girls by the pool!)

    But they got it all wrong... I forgot to lift my zipper, and I swear to God I was just pulling it up when the counselor walked in on me in the bathroom when I was standing by the window overlooking the pool!

    Doesn't anybody  fu cking knock anymore!


    ( And it wasn't Megan by the pool either! )

  • Tommy Quirk

    There seems to be a 'whole lotta cryin' ' going on in here.  There is no crying allowed on the Naughty Kid's Short Bus.  We''re just happy to be here !!

  • David -Just another noodler.......

    I don't think they'll spend too much time up there holding a vigil for 'absent campers' lol.

    Hope they all have as good a time as I did last year.

    (NO, not really! The naughty kid in me hopes they're miserable - too hot or too cold and too wet, their strings break, mmmwwwaaaaahhhhhhh. I WANNA BE THERE!!!!)


    If I promise to be real, real good can I go next year???

  • GMBG

    @poodle and @ noodles - I am really sad that we are not there -- it cant be as much fun without us.  Driving up to the Berkshires and will see James Taylor on the 4th (with fireworks) but I will be missing zappacamp.  I do get to see them on the 7th, but...

    I, too, am a naughty kid -- time to start saving up for Dweezilla 2013, which will be much better because we three will be there!