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a nimble nook for bob and tom

  • David D

    wanna buy some mandies bob?

  • DaveOC

    Bob D

    Happy Birthday Bob!

  • pinocchio

    i came back for franks birthday..where's the party?

  • DaveOC

    I'm going....$29.50 at the box office.They never use the lawn at this venue.Even the box office girl was stumped when I asked for lawn tickets.Bob's been opening with Rainy Day Women.

  • DaveOC

    This group may be a sign that I should go to the Orange County Fair show next Friday here in Southern Califonia.Only 35bones for a lawn seat.Probably no opening act,just 2hrs plus of Dylan.I saw a setlist of 2 weeks ago and it looked real good.Also I live maybe 20minutes from the outdoor venue.Almost all of the 8500 seats have sold!

  • Patrick, aka Sonoy

    Dylan & Waits, both Icons of Music, Amazing Sounds...


    I don;t go to shows to hear d artist jabbering, nor the audience/party but to hear the show live and see the reactions of  folks ..  I saw Neil Young & CrazyHorse bck in 96, the Broken Arrow Tour and I don't remember Neil sayn a word to the crowd, an amazing show ~ CrazyHorse style..  Its all good to me expect maybe two shows where Johnny Winter could barely stand, let alone talk or play the guitar~I hear hes cleaned up and Ted Nuggent whom should hv kept his mouth shut and just played guitar, racist pig he is and walkn I go..  Music Is The Best, Thnx for the club

  • Graham

    I like this by tom (low down) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UR9-MI34tL8

    and this version of blue skies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCuBImC-rYQ

    I think Tom supported Frank on a tour in the early/mid 70's.