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This group is for anyone who plays (or wants to play) Zappa's music.

Guitar, piano, horn, voice, kazoo - any instrument you like. Even drummers are welcome (under adult supervision).

If you have an audio/video of yourself performing any Zappa tune upload it and link it to this group. Send me (Manning B) a PM and I'll add it to this index as well:

The YOU Plays Zappa performance index

We're working on creating tutorials for Zappa tunes. Here's the link:

The YOU Plays Zappa tutorial index

Got transcriptions? Tips? Tutorials? Requests for assistance? Let us know. 

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  • Manning B.

    Just updated the directory of performances to add Sithi69's lovely version of Sofa.

  • GMBG

    Here is a video from 1978 -- my band doing Camarillo Brillo -- the arrangement comes from FZ's performance at the Pauley Pavillion in LA, Dec 31, 1975 (New Years 1976). Bongo Fury Tour.  After I got home, I scribbled out the arrangement (the outtro in half time - and the outtro progression change -- which smacks of Muffin Man, but they didn't segue into Muffin Man that night). Played "She's 200 Years Old" at the strike of midnight - great gig.  Well, back to me at the age of 21

    Further disclaimers: really lousy video (it was recorded with the very first generation of "portable" video equipment, obviously not meant for low light.  Singer is Kathy Wallach, now a stage and film actress (and daughter of Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson). Bass player is Al Renino, who went on to play with Leslie West and Mountain, and even the Monkees reunion tours.  Drummer is Dean Sharp, well-known east coast straight ahead jazz drummer. 

  • masc

    I hope you like my transcription of the G-Spot Tornado

    greetings from vienna;


  • Gary

    Dario Vero certainly seems to be enjoying himself re-arranging and performing his take on Frank Zappa's Uncle Meat. Long before any given Hollywood Square Replica fades in the video I was asking myself if a snare drum would ever pop into any given square. Unfortunately that never happened, for the most part Dario re-arranges Frank Zappa's composition, extreme changes take over.

    Not that Frank had never put a new age spin on any of his compositions, the 1988 arrangement of The Black Page is one such case, but here I remain thinking of Frank Zappa's Snare Drum parts that we can see and hear in the 1974 KCETV arrangement. EDIT NOTE: The more I think about it FZ had performed on a rather large percussion set next to Ruth Underwood in the Dog Meat Dog Breath/Uncle Meat portion of the program. FZ percussion had Snare Drum, several large toms, Timpani &  Concert Bass Drum. FZs usage of percussion in that arrangement is so much a part of stands out just as much any part of the melody of Uncle Meat. 

    Frank Zappa had many different arrangements of Uncle Meat. When musicians come along and make extreme changes to the arrangement I expect they are fun for many including the  musicians.  When Dario states "I hope you enjoy it!!", in all sincerity while an appreciation of your talent and enthusiasm is of merit, cheers for your personal effort, I have to wonder about the composers intent and if at some point you can deliver a performance more aligned with such. Deliver that and I'll call for a Hootenanny! 

    Good Night Paul Lynde wherever you are. 

  • wwwDARIOVEROcom

    Hi Manning !

    That's my version of "Uncle Meat" !

    I hope u'll enjoy it !!!


    3/4 ?? ? ? | ??? ? (?) ? | ? ? ?? | ? ? ?| ? ? ? | ? ? ? | 


  • Chris Smart

    Hi Steve F.
    Thanks for that info.
    But, I'm blind, and believe me, there is very little music transcribed in Music Braille outside of the classical genre. Yes, there is such a thing as Music Braille - it uses the same symbol set as literary (English) Braille, just with different meanings associated with the dot patterns).

    Anyway, if someone with the transcription Steve mentioned could just check those first few notes for me, I'd really appreciate it.

  • Steve F.

    @Chris - Dirty Love was transcribed in the Feb. '94 issue of Guitar for the Practicing Musician.  afka.net has scans of it. That should solve your dilemma!

  • Chris Smart

    I have a question, if anybody still reads this group.  What is the little fast flurry of gnat notes at the beginning of "Dirty Love"? I used to think it was just a triplet, Eb-D-C, then the slower notes G and A. But, is it something more than that?

  • bic70

    How to get the sound of "Ship Ahoy", any suggestions?


  • Steve C.

    Hello I've just joined this group.I've uploaded me torturing a Zappa classic,check my videos to see me in action!