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  • Tommy Quirk

    I want to share a group of videos from Guitar Legend - Dave Uhrich. You can read his bio here -   http://daveuhrich.com/bio/    

    Dave is a brilliant guitarist/composer from the Chicagoland area that I see perform as often as I can. He's one of the most amazing guitar players that I have ever seen.  He is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet.
    He figured out how to make little videoes on his iPhone and has been sharing them via Facebook.   He asked his friends what they would like to learn and created them on the fly.  His first series of (six) videos are all based in minor pentatonic.    I think that there will be many, many more along the way.  I think that these particular videos will be best suited for this particular group. 


    #1      http://youtu.be/pgQ3g_NTSSo  

    #2      http://youtu.be/0hSf3Oi96rA

    #3     http://youtu.be/Lg1Xk9rEZRk

    #4     http://youtu.be/CdBSQQ4PYro

    #5     http://youtu.be/UnG9VTniRT8

    #6     http://youtu.be/vVfaA-qikjs 

    Backing track -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yM2P6bYxstI&feature=youtu.be 


  • Chris Smart

    String Theory: What Are Harmonics? | CTS Mastering Blog
    This guitar-centric post attempts to demonstrate harmonics, what they are, how they are created, and why the harmonic series generates the chromatic scale and key structure.
    If you have ideas for other topics I should blog about, I'm interested to hear them!
    And of course, if you have anything that needs mixing or mastering, get in touch. Really, I'm trying to generate website traffic and get some work!
    Here's the article:
    Thanks for reading! And, if any of you could redistribute this on your own feeds, or post to forums like gearsluts, The Gear Page, homerecording.com etc. I'd be eternally grateful!

  • chance e.

       Yep... 48 years old and i just bought myself a Fender road worn strat and a Mustang IV modeling amp... Wow it Rocks...

  • Ben Timages

    I'm interested in learning Zappa! About 40 years ago, I wore out a record player needle to learn "Toads of the Short Forest" so I've been playing for decades but only now that I'm retired have I really got the time to get right into it once again.

    So, a big THANKS to all you people for starting and contributing to this group!



  • David McCain

    Hey Mars: I'll post some stuff on basic guitar stuff on my youtube account for ya. Guitar is not difficult to learn. It just takes time. A helpful hint on learning: Some of the greatest players more often use the easiest chords ( i.e. two finger chords ) to help make the big noises. Most of the first Van Halen disc is almost Eddie using two fingers for chords. Most of The Edge's playing is composed of open strings. So you really don't have to learn big chords just to play. Just look at AC/DC: They made a career out of simple!

  • joe l.

    hey im joe pepe come join zappa brother hood

  • Manning B.

    I've been thinking about this as well, and I'm getting together some thoughts for a 'Zappa centric' beginner's guitar course.

    I'm going to start with Big Leg Emma, so anyone who wants to join in, make sure you are familiar with that song (ideally the Live In New York version).

  • thepoodlebites

    Hey Mars I like the word KISS...

    It stands for...... Keep It Simple Stupid

    I have applied that mentallity and its working for me..(Duhh..I'm stupid!)

    David is right but being repeatative is a good thing and only take on small parts at a time.

    Try learning the Cowboy chords first...


    Follow the tutorial here and I hope this helps!

  • Mars

    Ok, thanks Noodler.

  • David -Just another noodler.......

    I'll post a couple of things Mars - I think the trick is to keep it fun so what you're learning doesn't feel like a chore but is just playing music.