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If you ,like me,are a proud father ......than join this group.

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  • Trip

    My daughter now 18 & graduated from high school.

    She's working part time at East Side Mario's.


  • Jason C.

    My son Royce, aged 11


    Img 2092Img 2097

    Proud Father you bet i am i've got 2 great boys and 4 beautiful granddaughters. And my older son Dennis (33) can always come up with crazy cool cards. And i thought this was his best his B day card to me to date.

  • Kevin L.

    I have 3 kids that make me proud, make me laugh and make me wanna kill them and not be a father anymore. LOL!!!

    My oldest is almost 13, and she is learning piano and vocal, and is as bright and vibrant as the sun. She designed my profile pic, with the treble clef & 3 notes that spell out "DAD". This will be tattood on my chest above my heart one day.

    My son is 8 and is all boy. Football, french fries and can seemingly break wind at will. His humor gets him equally into and out of trouble. Dennis the Menace has nothing on him.

    My baby girl is almost 7 and is as cute as a box of puppies. Her big blue eyes would be enormous on a horse. That child is the most loving and giving child I have ever met.

  • John the King of Plookers

    My daughter has been officially informed that she is to be a valedictorian for Boone High School when she graduates in June. What an extraordinary accomplishment for a young lady who has worked very diligently for this achievement. She is awesome!

  • Reuben Myles Tyghe

    Proud father of my baby daughter, tamely named Melody, is 4 months. Zappa ( Mrs. preffered Debussi ) was played to her in the womb and the chilled jams on Guitar album has got her to sleep in the past..

  • Tommy Quirk

    Here is my little man at two and a half days old.   He's working on day #9 as I type this. 


  • Trip

    My 14 year old daughter's 8th grade Grad picture.

    Now she's off to grade 9. (High School)

    Tiffany Grade 8 Grad

  • Ed Poelstra

    My "little" girl is today 10 years young! And still she loves the Zappa collection. But competition is on the way. All the populair dance music is coming out of her room... Perhaps we should buy her an otter Zappa album!

  • John the King of Plookers

    My 12 year old son made me so proud tonight. He is in his school jazz band and the teacher was taking requests today for songs to learn and play at their end of the year concert. He wants to play 'We Are Not Alone'. Would you believe his teacher does not even know the name Frank Zappa?

    • Jason C.

      Hey Baldy, That doesn't surprise me one little bit about the teacher having never even heard of one of the greatest composers to ever grace the planet. I am forever concerned about just who are teaching our children and the apparent lack of life experience that they possess. Give your son my congratulations and let him know about that smell. Oh and I don't mean the one from your towels.