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Here is a group for us to share the songs we would like to hear Dweezil play live in DZPZ and maybe why we would like to hear them played. Lets try to be a little more original than Watermelon here folks...

  • DaveOC

    What Will This Morning Bring Me This Evening?

    you could segue it with the other 200 Motels classic.




  • Alan D.

    What would be a real tribute to Frank? Perhaps prior to the actual concert start the clip  of Frank playing the bicycle on the Steve Allen show. Followed by the band coming out on stage to play an original composition played on their fist bicycles and or wagons ect. Followed by Bognor Regis then Ancient Armaments.

    Wouldn't that be nice?

  • John(Lizweedus)

    Having listened to TinselTown Rebellion today - I am all for that.


  • DaveOC

    Marqueson's Chicken

  • Gary


    Unreleased Extended Version of 200 Years Old

    Texas Blues....... Giving consideration to the soon to be 40th Anniversary of Bongo Fury I would like to hear the unreleased extended version of 200 Years Old. It's true religion!



  • Kim S.

    There are SO MANY songs that I would love to hear! Many people here have mentioned some of my favorites and I agree that some of Dweezil's songs would be great! I would really enjoy hearing Dweezil and Ahmet's rendition of Baby One More Time. I never cared for that song, until I heard Ahmet and Dweezil JAM it!

    Let me start by saying that I was absolutely THRILLED to have the pleasure of hearing Big Leg Emma, Dirty Love, What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body, My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama, Magic Fingers, and Zombie Woof last night (and the night before.)

    It would be awesome if ZPZ added in Bow Tie Daddy and Cock Suckers' Ball just for s***s and giggles.

    I agree that Ben would deliver a great rendition of I Have Been In You. I would love to hear that followed by Flakes. Then to finish it off properly, I think Broken Hearts Are for Assholes would give Dweezil the opportunity to really shred.

    Some other songs I would love to hear are The Wonderful Wino, Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance, I Don't Even Care, We're Turning Again, In France, Stevie's Spanking, Frogs with Dirty Little Lips, Baby Take Your Teeth Out, Stick It Out, The Man from Utopia Meets Mary Lou, Planet of My Dreams, Be In My Video, and Uncle Remus.

    As far as complete albums... Apostrophe, Joe's Garage, and You Are What You Is are the one's that I would choose because I enjoy the stories.

    I hope that ZPZ continues to tour for many years to come. Their shows are SO MUCH FUN and they are a great group of people!


  • Kim S.


  • bob k.

    Dragon Master or something from Dweezil's up and coming new CD would be nice.

  • Gerard d.

    Oh yea forgot sexual harassment in the workplace

    chungas revenge 

    little umbrllas