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Here is a group for us to share the songs we would like to hear Dweezil play live in DZPZ and maybe why we would like to hear them played. Lets try to be a little more original than Watermelon here folks...


    My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama

    (I've yet to hear) Watermellon In Easter Hay!!!



  • DaveOC

    Bring back:

    Chunga's Revenge

    A Pound For A Brown (w/1978 solos)

    King Kong - The new line-up needs to play it's version.

    Keep In rotation:

    Filthy Habits

    The Evil Prince

    What's New in Baltimore

    Any FZ song Pete sings - Wino man , Fifty fifty

  • Tommy Quirk

    Since we have entered into the post-WIEH era of DZPZ, there are two songs that I would love to hear.  This might be a little harder with the current makeup of the band, but I would love to hear 'Stevie's Spanking' and 'Sleep Dirt'.

  • DaveOC

    The Evil Prince must make a Hollywood showing.

  • bob k.

    Lets Talk About It [ love this song]

    In France

    I Come From Nowhere

    The Illinois Enema Bandit

    Inca Roads

  • DaveOC

    You Are What You Is

    Mudd Club

    Disco Boy

  • Venusian Time Bandits

  • Richard Drakes

    I could imagine Ben delivering a fine 'further exploration' of I Have Been In You.Is it time? 


  • Gary

    The Old Curiosity Shoppe

    Some more.... Finer Moments... to go along with the Roxy Material. The curiosity of the many roads that lead to Inca are all over this one. I can only wonder how many roads were traveled from the time of this recording in May of 1971 to when Frank metaphorically opened said Old Curiosity Shoppe when he mastered the Finer Moments tapes in June of 1972. Ponty would soon join FZs band, Inca would develop. I would expect there are far more items in the shop than what we first hear in an early recording of Inca Roads that appears on The Lost Episodes. While a number of fans do at times point to a number of early development motifs to Inca Roads I find it a bit puzzling that The Old Curiosity Shoppe has not gotten it's deserved attention. 

    The barking tone of FZs guitar, Ian Underwood' Solo and the drumming of Aynsley Dunbar. This has me thinking that this would be a wonderful exploration for ZPZ. The more I listen to Finer Moments, I am hearing some arrangements that are quite suitable for the current touring lineup. Unfortunately I never got a chance to hear FZ perform live in that early 70s period. If Dweezil and the band could so please to open The Old Curiosity Shoppe, that would be one amazing journey down an early road to Inca. Seemingly FZs concept was not for this composition to become an antique kinda place. He was chissleling away.  One popular item of the times was Chariots Of The Gods. It's was seemingly about imamgination of how to get there and not just an old tape collecting dust. It took quite a number of decades for the Officfial release, but it was in the can so to speak. It's another look into the many roads to Inca.

  • zappahead

    Let's Move to Cleveland, at one of the Ohio shows.