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Here is a group for us to share the songs we would like to hear Dweezil play live in DZPZ and maybe why we would like to hear them played. Lets try to be a little more original than Watermelon here folks...

  • DaveOC

    Two Sofa's please.

  • DaveOC

    Little Rubber Girl (w/outro guitar solo)

  • Jason C.

    Poofters Froth Wyoming  &  Suicide Chump because they are as Billy Bob would say 'right on' Sharleena 'the lost episodes version' & Whipping Post because they are both awesome tracks and would showcase the talent of the Maestro and his current band members. Hey Fruie. Cool choice man. ($16.95 boy, give her a try) 


  • bob k.

    Would love to hear these songs on the 2014 summer tour.

    Inca Roads--A classic song that never gets old.

    Po-Jama People-- Great intro and guitar tones

    In France-- nice feel and groove

    Bamboozled By Love--Zappa blues

    Stevie's Spanking-- A song where Dweezil could shred our faces off.

    Lets Talk About It-- Because it one of my all time favorite songs!!


  • DaveOC

    I'm Not Satisfied (1975)

    Jumbo Go Away

    For The Young Sophisticate  


    My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama

    (I've yet to hear) Watermellon In Easter Hay!!!



  • DaveOC

    Bring back:

    Chunga's Revenge

    A Pound For A Brown (w/1978 solos)

    King Kong - The new line-up needs to play it's version.

    Keep In rotation:

    Filthy Habits

    The Evil Prince

    What's New in Baltimore

    Any FZ song Pete sings - Wino man , Fifty fifty

  • Tommy Quirk

    Since we have entered into the post-WIEH era of DZPZ, there are two songs that I would love to hear.  This might be a little harder with the current makeup of the band, but I would love to hear 'Stevie's Spanking' and 'Sleep Dirt'.

  • DaveOC

    The Evil Prince must make a Hollywood showing.

  • bob k.

    Lets Talk About It [ love this song]

    In France

    I Come From Nowhere

    The Illinois Enema Bandit

    Inca Roads