About Group

This is a group for all the people that attended the Frank Zappa statue dedication on September 19th in Baltimore.  Please feel free to post all pics and/or stories from yesterdays events.  It was great to see most of you and hopefully we can do it every year.

  • bhollar

    There is a lot of info on the Frank Zappa Day facebook page.  I would check there.

  • Tobias H.

    Hello Zappa Day people! I'm writing a cover story for Shockwave Magazine on Zappa Day 2012. The problem is that I have no information on what's going on. Does anyone know anything about Zappa day 2012?

  • Hillary C.

    Who is coming back this year???

  • Hillary C.

    We are doing it again this year! Not sure what, but I will keep the group posted. I work for the Community Development Corp that co-produced the event. We have chosen Saturday, September 17th for the date. It's close to the official FZ day and we won't have to compete with football! I will post bands and acts as they are confirmed. If any out of towners need on info on where to stay or how to get involved, let me know. I can be reached at hillary@southeastcdc.org or 410-342-3234 x 26. Hope to see you there! Check out my pics of last years event and statue updates!


  • Dave T.

    very proud to be there and share my zappa mask...it was a hot day...great mood, music and people

  • Claire Marsh

    didn't know thiss group was here so i had posted a blog with highlights from the dedication day.

  • Jeff G

    Had a great time.  Really dug Baltimore - 1st time there.  Hit Chaps Pit Beef and local Harley dealer.  Checked out the inner harbor.  Attended the dedication family talk, the dedication and of course - the concert.  Had to hit the road after the show, but really enjoyed my stay.

  • bhollar

    put up a few videos from Frank Zappa Day.  As I said in the description of the first video, the quality is pretty crappy because I had to convert it from MPEG to WMV.  Hope you all still enjoy.

  • TSBak

    A very good event. I love the outdoor shows, not for every band, but I think it works for Zappa. I really enjoyed meeting everyone from the site...Mars, Suzanne, Mark, Brian, Twisty, a couple others I remember seeing but can't remember names now. The reason for the event made it even more special. I didn't realize how beautiful Diva is. I wanna see that artwork on her back when it gets finished...i know it will be amazing. Baltimore weather is perfect in late September for an annual event.

  • Mars

    I am with Mary on that one...I'll never be able to look at a Christmas tree again the same way and I would like Ahmet to decorate mine this year. :)