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This is a group to remember the first bad member we ever had, as by the time you read this, she/he/it, will be gone..

I hope you enjoyed the ride honey..

  • John(Lizweedus)

    Where she go ? Nobody Knows.

    Was she Mary from the bus ?

    Dinah Moe's Sister ?

    A valley girl ?

    A teenage prostitute ?

    Maybe she was a Jewish Princess or maybe (just maybe) she was an Italian guy who drove a red car.



  • Vile and Pernicious

    @ Dave....This whole group is about the past, isn't it?

    besides I'm really sick of the Gary b******t...time for a new subject!

  • DaveOC

    there ya go Vile. let us not dig up the past; for thou haveth enough bullshite to deal with in the present.

  • Vile and Pernicious

    I can't find the actual posts from her at the moment...Even after she was banned the posts remained for a while, but I haven't looked for them in ages. I could tell you more of the exact details that proved the point to me, but they might be upsetting to DZ and MZ.

     UPDATE: I seem to recall asking Poodle to print out Elaines' postings before they disappeared. Found them. All I can say is Dweezil chose wisely, She was f---ing evil and probably emotionally and verbally abusive in the least. She had made a list of who her competition was (with viscious commentary) and she had Astrid as the most likely culprit.

  • DaveOC

    @Samia....sorry, thought you meant - not into DZ musically. now I remember Elaine had a strange obsession going on.

  • Vile and Pernicious

    I gotta give it to Samia....that is an awesome picture. Very sexy there!

    Samia,  don't worry,you are no Elaine!   No one has ever mentioned this, but I'm sure Elaine was the former Mrs. Zappa when she determined that DZ had found someone else. She was on the war path to figure out who it was. Poodle had read me just one post back when it was all happening ( summer of 2010, I believe) and it was obvious to me.

  • jaws

    There is a kind of a Je ne sais quois? about it.  A fine guitar.

  • Samia S.

    come on guys even you can tell the difference (this one leaves me speechless, good for you) ;)


  • Samia S.

    lol  Jaws , thanks for quoting the Pythons all the time :)

    sorry gentlemen , I'm sure many french women would agree with you, He's an attractive guy  but I'm 37 ...meaning Frank invited me into womanhood ...or actually made me realize I had something functionning down under :) not DZ

  • DaveOC

    It won't make it over the pond....snail f a r t s move slower.