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Since one of Zappa's messages was 2 think outside the box and be a free individual questioning all the spoon-fed silliness our governments, institutions etc. wanna sell us, I figured it might be an interesting idea 2 share infos on alternative and holistic healing coming from whatever field on here.

With the way the American Health Care System is working, it might be of aid 4 some of you 2 get inspired.

We have a fitness group, we have 'food groups'... I hope this may round up responsible living and increase knowledge and a good life 4 y'all.

I decided 2 name it "Gesundheit!" since not only does it mean "Bless you!" but it translates as "good health" in German.

Any ideas and inspiration you have witnessed and that actually worked in your lives are welcome!

Blissings ~



  • DaveOC

    Yes, you said a mouthful. And I will repeat the detox this weekend.




  • DaveOC

    I tried the egg detox. The egg white turned yellow a little bit and my navel was little red.What did you mean by the mental toxins Francoise?

  • Saul

    Green tea is great

  • Racacala

    So.. did anyone end up trying the egg detoxing? Sounds... interesting. Reflexology is pretty fantastic if I say so myself.. helps heal in many ways.. releases a lot of toxins and you need to take it easy afterward. If I remember correctly I slept for 12 hours the night of my appointment, and felt so good after. All the aches and pains and mental funk was gone.. Francoise, good point about drinking water in the morning.. I usually go to sleep with a full cup by my bed, wake up and drink that. I believe it is called water therapy..should do it before brushing teeth, as well. It helps with diabetes, arthritis, body aches.. the whole works.. who would have thought that a few glasses of water (Francoise is right, not cold water-it shocks your system) would help cure so many things.. It will cure your asthma, too.

  • DaveOC

    I like Ginseng tea and,I may try the egg thing.

  • Saul

    Zappa is a genious

  • Steve

    I've been drinkin Oolong Tea lately.  I heard it helps speed up Metabolisim which slows down once you hit 40.  Mine has slowed down  awhile ago.  The tea don't taste too good, but I add a little honey to it and it's not bad.

  • thepoodlebites

    If eggs can remove all those bad things I better get a couple dozen!

    If an egg can remove all that is bad in you..(.I'm afraid) ......There might be nothing left after I try it but the egg!

    DZ...You first!

  • Dweezil

    Forgot to try it. I hope to try it tomorrow.


  • thepoodlebites

    Here is something I know that had worked for me....

    I suffered from acid reflux and digestive problems.

    I had taken every medication related to this problem (OTC and prescription)

    I went to the library (Frank was right!) and found a book written by a doctor that had studied these problems.

    Long story short was that if you eat fresh Papya before meals and drink some warm peppermint tea after... your problems will dissapear!

    This solution has worked for me and I no longer battle with this problem that I had for years!

    Here is the reason behind this find..

    Your stomach produces acids to help digest food..

    If your body produces to much acid this can lead to problems related to that!

    Everytime you eat the acid button is turned on.

    Taking meds to nutralize these acids only encourage the problems.

    Your body has been told that it needs more acid...

    It a cycle that cannot be broken because by taking these meds your body tells itself to produce more acid and the cycle repeats..Even gets worse!

    The papya has a high level of digestive enzymes.

    The papya enzymes help digest and break foods down..

    ( If you were to look at a bottle of meat tenderizer you would find that papya it is the main ingredient in it..)

    After your meal drink a cup of fresh peppermint tea..

    I could hear and feel my food settle after drinking a few sips of this tea.

    (My wife could hear it sitting next to me!)

    Resturants always offer these after dinner mints (I always thought it was for your breath) but it is to help settle your meal!

    If you have these problems please try this...

    Stop the meds!

    Eat several slices of fresh papya before meals.

    Drink a cup of fresh peppermint tea after meals!

    You will start to notice improvment right away!