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I think it's happened to us all, the conversation is going fine then you mention the word "Zappa" and everything changes. I bet even Dweezil has stories! ?
Ever tried crossing the border and mentioning you are going to a Zappa show? You want to talk about a change in demeanor. Even if you try to avoid saying the dreaded ?Z? word, they have techniques to draw it out. One time while crossing the border, I said ?Dweezil Zappa and his band?, not wanting to say the ?Z? word twice, and found myself in an immigration nightmare. Would it have been different if I said I was attending a Barry Manilow show? Blood Sweat and Tears?
They even lost our passports for over an hour; until I mentioned that we were not being processed to immigration staff. They told us we could be arrested for trying to cross and thrown in jail. Isn?t this what living is all about!
Or have you ever had a discussion with your girlfriend about Bamboozled by Love and try to explain to her that the song is of a sexual nature and not a misogynistic rant about cutting a woman?s head off. Try to win that argument fella?s!
Have you ever been called a Zappa Groupie because you attend so many shows?
The ?Z? word is not a bad word, nor should it be. It should stand alone like the mighty apostrophe and be respected.
I would love to read your stories, good bad, interesting, informative ... you decide
music is the best!

  • Phil

    Heard Lil Steven play Catholic Girls on his show last Sunday .... More AirPlay required 

  • Phil

    Today I had to calibrate a rectifier on a polishing unit. having never worked on this particular unit I asked for a "technical expert" to school me on this piece of equipment. I quickly learned my TE was not the expert I required and I asked for the manual. He smiled and said "that's the problem the manual is in German"


    so so I said "God speaks German" 

  • Phil

    just got back from Montreal where P2 and I (P1) caught 2 ZpZ shows July 1 and 2.  July 1st we arrived at the venue and immediately met a Zappa fan from british Columbia, we shared beers and conversation. We later had conversation with Pete Jones and Glynn Wood. A huge smile and waves from Scheila from the stage during sound check.  Chatting with the Kurt Morgan a real interesting guy and great addition to the band. At the show I met Simon who I had briefly met in 2008 at the Ottawa Bluesfest and his lovely friend Karyn. About 20 people at the meet and greet so we spent a lot of time chatting with the band taking pictures.

    July second Montreal Jazz Fest, what an amazing city, streets blocked off, stages everywhere, bars, great food, people on the street yelled "Zappa" and waved ..... P2 and I arrived at the metropolis at the same time as the bus, we must look like such stalkers we were the last ones to leave the Brossard show  .... anyway at a bar were 2 young loud tatooed local Zappa  fans so P2 and I pulled up a chair and had a few beers with them, Johnny and Mike .....  later we had beers with Simon, Pete and Glynn before the show 

    we heard a story about a huge performer strung up by her private parts when part of the Kiss tour rigging failed leaving her suspended by her private parts leaving our friend speechless and mezmorized

    what I am saying is what a bunch of cool and interesting people we have here, all you need to do is acknowledge the T-shirt, or mention the "Z" word, and the doors to the soul open ... you hear the most amazing stories. We're different, because of this man and his music our common thread, the tie that binds .... 

    and you know what ir's really cool ! I meet new people at every show and I don't think there is anything better than meeting like minded people !

    So if you are at the same show as me Always say hi !

    thanks Dweezil for keeping this all alive and growing, evolving as always .... it's a really unique bond we all share, it was  alive and well last night at the metropolis in Montreal ... rumoured to be the loudest audience on the tour they sure were loud last night !

    I guess it's a kind of family !

    and hey look at the smile on that guys face ! is it the girl or is it the music?

    it's the girl, no it's the music ..... no it's the girl !



  • Phil

    I was visiting a friend on Lake Erie when a friend of his, James,  popped over. I was wearing my Zappa plays Zappa hoodie and he asked if I was at the Toronto Show Oct. 2013. Of course I was at the show ! He told me it was his first ZpZ show (my 17th). I asked his thoughts on the band and it's leader. Keeping a long story short, he was blown away. When I got home I dedcided I'd make James a copy of the setlist from the Toronto show. Using photoshop magic I placed one of the many DZ autographs I have on the created setlist. Last night my friend called, he gave James the setlist I made. Apparently it's to be laminated and showcased prominately in his home. 

    and a Zappaholic is created .... nice to see tour dates for 2014 .... don't forget us up here in Canada, come back soon, James is dying to attend his second show



  • Tommy Quirk

    Lisa and I were walking through a cinema trying to find which theater our film was playing in.  Some woman sees my 'Zappa' shirt and walks up to my face and says 'don't eat the yellow snow'.  She starts to laugh and (probably) expects to see me smile.    

    I asked 'is that really all that all you took away from Frank?'. 

    She just gave me a blank stare.  

    I looked at her and said 'seriously?'     'Almost 100 albums, tours, films, scores, books, television interviews, senate subcommittee hearings, his kids, band members ...and that's what you took away from everything ?'.  (I'm paraphrasing here)

    Her response....'uhm ...I don't know'.  

    She got a smile from me and a 'have a nice day'.

    Lisa just looked at me and said 'I know ...you couldn't help yourself'. 


    35 years of living with a Zappa hater. Sometimes i want to pull my hair out.

    She says i'm obsessive i say she's oppressive.She says i'm Demented.

    I say duh.... F u c k  yeah! that's what i'm on about YES we agree on something. 

                 Zappa  Rocks  and  DZpZ  Rocks  Zappa!

                      Go on out and get yourself some.

                                     I know i will.


  • Phil

    Kitty named "Zappa" ???

  • MrDo

  • MrDo


  • Kait Prickett

    I was at the dentist's office about two weeks ago and i had one of my ear bud's in trying to drown out some of the noise. I had all of these things hanging from the inside of my mouth. Just randomlly the lady that was getting ready to clean my teeth asked me this. "What kind os music do you have on there?" My reply "um mostly Frank Zappa." Her comment "Zappa; now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time." And she went on for like ten minutes about this and I have these things haning from my mouth. It's the wierdest thing out here everywhere you go. If you have something on you or say something along the lines of Z you are going to have some interesting conversations my friends...