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I think it's happened to us all, the conversation is going fine then you mention the word "Zappa" and everything changes. I bet even Dweezil has stories! ?
Ever tried crossing the border and mentioning you are going to a Zappa show? You want to talk about a change in demeanor. Even if you try to avoid saying the dreaded ?Z? word, they have techniques to draw it out. One time while crossing the border, I said ?Dweezil Zappa and his band?, not wanting to say the ?Z? word twice, and found myself in an immigration nightmare. Would it have been different if I said I was attending a Barry Manilow show? Blood Sweat and Tears?
They even lost our passports for over an hour; until I mentioned that we were not being processed to immigration staff. They told us we could be arrested for trying to cross and thrown in jail. Isn?t this what living is all about!
Or have you ever had a discussion with your girlfriend about Bamboozled by Love and try to explain to her that the song is of a sexual nature and not a misogynistic rant about cutting a woman?s head off. Try to win that argument fella?s!
Have you ever been called a Zappa Groupie because you attend so many shows?
The ?Z? word is not a bad word, nor should it be. It should stand alone like the mighty apostrophe and be respected.
I would love to read your stories, good bad, interesting, informative ... you decide
music is the best!

  • Phil

    I was visiting a friend on Lake Erie when a friend of his, James,  popped over. I was wearing my Zappa plays Zappa hoodie and he asked if I was at the Toronto Show Oct. 2013. Of course I was at the show ! He told me it was his first ZpZ show (my 17th). I asked his thoughts on the band and it's leader. Keeping a long story short, he was blown away. When I got home I dedcided I'd make James a copy of the setlist from the Toronto show. Using photoshop magic I placed one of the many DZ autographs I have on the created setlist. Last night my friend called, he gave James the setlist I made. Apparently it's to be laminated and showcased prominately in his home. 

    and a Zappaholic is created .... nice to see tour dates for 2014 .... don't forget us up here in Canada, come back soon, James is dying to attend his second show



  • Tommy Quirk

    Lisa and I were walking through a cinema trying to find which theater our film was playing in.  Some woman sees my 'Zappa' shirt and walks up to my face and says 'don't eat the yellow snow'.  She starts to laugh and (probably) expects to see me smile.    

    I asked 'is that really all that all you took away from Frank?'. 

    She just gave me a blank stare.  

    I looked at her and said 'seriously?'     'Almost 100 albums, tours, films, scores, books, television interviews, senate subcommittee hearings, his kids, band members ...and that's what you took away from everything ?'.  (I'm paraphrasing here)

    Her response....'uhm ...I don't know'.  

    She got a smile from me and a 'have a nice day'.

    Lisa just looked at me and said 'I know ...you couldn't help yourself'. 


    33 years of living with a Zappa hater. Sometimes i want to pull my hair out.

    She says i'm obsessive i say she's oppressive.She says i'm Demented.

    I say duh.... F u c k  yeah! that's what i'm on about YES we agree on something. 

                 Zappa  Rocks  and  DZpZ  Rocks  Zappa!

                      Go on out and get yourself some.

                                     I know i will.


  • Phil

    Kitty named "Zappa" ???

  • MrDo

  • MrDo


  • Kait. P

    I was at the dentist's office about two weeks ago and i had one of my ear bud's in trying to drown out some of the noise. I had all of these things hanging from the inside of my mouth. Just randomlly the lady that was getting ready to clean my teeth asked me this. "What kind os music do you have on there?" My reply "um mostly Frank Zappa." Her comment "Zappa; now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time." And she went on for like ten minutes about this and I have these things haning from my mouth. It's the wierdest thing out here everywhere you go. If you have something on you or say something along the lines of Z you are going to have some interesting conversations my friends... 


    No lawyer yet Phil, but i did inform her of how lucky she realy is,That any time and for no reason at all if she ever needed to b u l l  s h i t  with  an  a s s h o l e she would not hafta look very far.

  • Phil

    Excellent Fruie ... do you need a good lawyer?


    I had a breakup over a DZpZ show .... well a few months before on the streets of Toronto, Ray White and I stood outside DZ's bus singing an assortment of my favourite Ray White arrangements, I'm a beautiful guy, Nig Biz and eventually Bamboozled by love.

    The next tour, in Kitchener  these numbers were on the setlist .... and Boom ! Bamboozled By Love, she didn't say a word to me after that. After party with the fellas, she never said a word.

    When we got back to the hotel room she went crazy about the song about chopping a womans head off, making her bleed, this went on for a full 30 minutes. I curled up in a ball and fell asleep. I probably could have saved the 8 year relationship at this point but I did what any other proud Zappa fan would do .... I followed the band up to Ottawa for the next show ! Adrian Belew opened, 10,000 Canadians, DZ staring into the sunset as he opened  .... man I got the best of that deal !

  • Gary

    @ Fruie,

    Has anyone been called a Kardashian Enama Bag because they not only sit and watch that show but perpetuate false ideologies?  When I look at the amount of people that watch The Kardashian's and perpetuate those false ideals not only in their life and but also to their kids I ask myself what their lifestyle is and just how plastic things can get. Those of us that appreciate Zappa can only put things into perspective. For me Zappa is not only my idea of the worlds finest entertainment  but I also call Zappa Good Parenting.

    Zappa may not be everybody's cup of tea but those of us that enjoy his music good for us. It's not only diversity of music but the overall social perspective of Zappalogy. It's not overtly just giving a FU to brain dead society it's attempting to be open to a philosophic way of questioning and thinking more-so than nothingness of a Farenheight 451 mindset.  

    Yet still, while we may all see things through our own eyes the internet demons are no different here than anywhere else. The one thing that we all have in common is an appreciation for Frank. In the 45 years I have been listening to FZs music I have seen so many fans come under attack.  You either get it or you don't. For those of us that get it, well good for us. All those people that are tuning into the Kardashian's I ask kindly that they leave that stuff as far away from me and my children as possible. I also call that good parenting. The Kardashians are likely to not only turn a kid brain dead but also if a kid or adult is going to believe that without questioning it, in my book believing in that kind of a lifestyle is the downfall of society. If and when I am subject to that stuff I wish I could only laugh like it was a televangelist.  Good luck with your wife.