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This a place where Zappa fans can chat about Zappanale.

Remember - no naughtiness - its just about the music!

  • Peter G.

    Will anybody be there this August? If so let's meet and have beer. P

  • Geoff

    Got back yesterday.

    What a great event. Thousands of Zappa fans wallowing in a lot of Zappa and a little bit of mud.

    Thanks to everyone involved for making it a special festival where there is so much love, music, talent, fun, professionalism, trust and beauty.

    This is the only time I see such a depth of genuine friendliness everywhere.

    And the bands were just fantastic - from big band jazz, through Spanish country to great rock.

    Thankyou Arf!, the bands, Bad Doberan, Zappateers, and everyone who helps make it amaizing. And most of all thanks Frank for the music.


  • Magdalena


  • Geoff

    2 weeks to go - yee haaa
    see you there

  • Geoff

    2 weeks to go - I'm getting excited.

  • SteveB

    Read between the lines of DZ's post.

    Through ZPZ, DZ has given the music of FZ, his father, a new life for this and future generations to witness live. These musicians must be dedicated to the craft of performing the complex compositions of Frank Zappa. In my opinion, their musical abilities, individually and collectively, are nothin short of amazing.

    "In tribute" not "a tribute."
    No other person could do better.

  • Geoff

    Thanks Dweezil - I will not allow any "naughtiness" in here - "it's just about the music". Thanks.

  • Richard O.

    Having seen two Zappa 'tribute' acts, namely the muffin men and the grandmothers,I would say that the muffin men were merely a mediocre r'n b band whilst the grandmothers I thought were pretty good.People need to understand that ZPZ is not a tribute band,though fans of great musicians will always want to hear the music in a live performance and the nearest approximation will have to do .

  • Dweezil

    I will monitor this group from time to time. I am personally not a fan of Zappanale. Nuff said.

  • Geoff

    Zappanale 21 looms - really looking forward to all that great music