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This is a site to post fun stories of meeting up in person with people you connected with on this site, at shows or elsewhere.

  • Tommy Quirk

    This is a group that needs to be updated more often ;)



    @ Noel,

    Yeah dude i'll bet you'r hooked on Front & Center. It was awesome. Looks like i got out of Dodge just in time Buffalo Airport is all backed up. People spralled all over. We'll do it again dude you know you'r the first friend i met off site  before meeting on the site thats pretty cool we should have a group for that lol. Haaaaaay.........What's New in Baltimore was a very special ocassion for me thanks for being there. Do you got snow there.   ttyl 

     Peace Fruie.                     Zappa Rocks and DZpZ Rocks Zappa!

                                                     Go on out and get you'r self some

                                                                 Oh yeah we just did

                                                                Always room for more

                                                                Music is the Best - FZ

                                                                        ROCK ON


    Alright so i'm standing at the stage Front & Center at the Baltimore Rams Head Live show and just before the show started i hear a dudes voice behind me say Fruie  are you Fruie from the site i said yeah dude. Well it was Noel from here. Man we had a BLAST just ask Noel.

    Sup Noel Thay Rocked the house down did'nt thay What say you?  We gotta do it again! 

  • John(Lizweedus)

    I met up with some lovely people who I had never met before.

     Nice to see some familiar faces too.

  • Richard Drakes

    Met up with many old friends (you know who you are) and several new friends on the 2012 UK tour: Sonny, Adam, Alex S., Jake, Vincent, Sioned and more at the Roundhouse.

  • Mars

    I will be in Englewood tomorrow night to, look for the flaming red hair. :)


    Just before the DZpZ concert at the Rochester N.Y. Jazzfest on tuesday 6/26/2012, I met up with my new friend Michael From here at DZ world.We had some drinks,Shared some Zappa stories, And enjoyed a great concert, A great time had by all. What say we do that again Michael ? this time maby a Buffalo DZpZ show!    I give it two CoolCool DZpZ ROCKS!!!

  • GMBG

    I will be at Englewood, Westbury and Tarrytown -- look for me and say hi!

    Gary (B-G)

  • David McCain

    We did! In fact, the first pic of the Crest show is you Kirk. I'm not sure what you are doing but we all had a great time!!


    I met Jeff S (Uncle Meat) and his friend Kathaleen at The Crest Sac.CA.,show last Sat. night.. It was my pleasure fer sure.Before the show,I met up with David McCain and a few of the Zappa.com folks.This was a really fun concert,before during and after!

    Very CoolI had a blast!