About Group

Exactly what it sounds like. Looking to form a band with like minded musicians, where better to find them than here?

I'll start. I'm in Connecticut, near Danbury, I play bass, flute, saxophone, wind synthesizers, and theramin.

Contact me if you're interested in a fun, challenging musical adventure.

  • Michael C.

    Hi folks, I'm a Tulsa keyboardist and lifelong Zappa fan. Old friend of Jimmy Carl Black's and played for years with his sons Geronimo and Darrell. If you look for Michael Cox Group at Reverbnation you can hear and see me (the name is a joke, it's just me). Keep your continuity conceptual.

  • Cosette S.

    December 19, 2012

    I play a bit of percussion.... conga's, bongo's ... tamborine and other hand held percussive instruments.

    I joined ASCAP in 2006? I had just begun to write songs.... I am yet developing in that area.

    Trying to learn piano chording on a keyboard .....

    I started Piano lessons years ago but never learned enough to really play after a couple of lessons.... I was not ready to learn to play piano, then.


    Anyway.... I am an accomplished vocalist for many years.

    I am however focusing on learning how to do songwriting and composition.

    Strum guitar a very little, little bit.



  • Chris Smart

    String Theory: What Are Harmonics? | CTS Mastering Blog
    This guitar-centric post attempts to demonstrate harmonics, what they are, how they are created, and why the harmonic series generates the chromatic scale and key structure.
    If you have ideas for other topics I should blog about, I'm interested to hear them!
    And of course, if you have anything that needs mixing or mastering, get in touch. Really, I'm trying to generate website traffic and get some work!
    Here's the article:
    Thanks for reading! And, if any of you could redistribute this on your own feeds, or post to forums like gearsluts, The Gear Page, homerecording.com etc. I'd be eternally grateful!

  • Chris Smart

    HI there.  This is just a note to say that the Website for my mixing and mastering business is now live. www.ctsmastering.com

    Thanks for checking it out.

  • Frogwash

    I'm in Portland, OR.  We could also try a project long-distance using recording tech, and add tracks to it from wherever we are.  I have Sonar 6.

  • Matt F.G.

    Hi. I'm an amateur lyricist (but more mainstream than FZ); I'm French and live in France but write mostly in English...

    Nota : I only write, I don't sing.

  • Robert

    Marek - are you in Connecticut?

  • Mark@wheresville

    greetz, I'm new, sounds like a cool idea

  • DennisA

    Steve join the Internet collaboration group. We are truing to get folks together To write stuff

  • SteveB

    Drummer in Rome NY, very far from everyhere.