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a place for us gear heads to discuss strictly AMPS, TRANSFORMERS, TUBES, ATTENUATORS,CIRCUITS,ect.and youre questions and or suggestions/opinions on different modifications and weird altercations in the quest for ultimate T O N E.

  • PurposefulPorpoise

    Havnt posted here in a while! Just thought i would let you guys know about this kickass new amp company from the UK started by Martin Kidd (of Cornford fame) 

    Victory Amps!


  • BenWah

    Hello folks;

    Time to introduce myself.

    Found this little group in the listing & figured it is up my alley.

    I'm a technician more than anything else; to call myself a guitar player is at best wishful thinking. I've worked on a lot of stuff over the decades, from simple repairs to full restos, and built some ground-up ideas along the way. I have my own ideas as to what makes for a good guitar, FX pedal, or amplifier. I tend to be old-school in thought. Worked on too much second-rate stereo gear in the 1970s and held a deep-seated hatred of solid-state for decades. I'm a little more flexible nowadays and see that solid-state has its place... as long as I don't have to work on it too often. I'm a firm believer in simple well-engineered designs. I've found that they generally sound better and are more reliable than complex counterparts *provided* that the components used are high-quality and top-notch construction procedures are followed.

    I'm very much a traditionalist when it comes to listening to recorded music. I want a top-notch old-school hi-fi rig with real speakers in a proper listening environment. I don't believe in the iPod, though they are fascinating machines for what they are. I believe in clearing away all distractions and critically listening to the given musical piece in a comfortable setting. iPods and the like are not conducive to this. If it is worth listening to, it is worth listening to with my full attention. To me anything less is disrespectful to the music and those who created it.

    Though I listen to anything from Gregorian Chant all the way up through the 1970s, my favorite period is 1960s pop. Of course, I am a big fan of FZ and DZ. My first exposure to Zappa came when I was 8 or 9 years old, and a dear late-friend played me "Apostrophe'". I was hooked. DZ came when his first LP came out. Loved it so much I wore through one copy, and bought two more. I still have a sealed copy stashed somewhere.

    At any rate, that's a little about who I am. Eventually, I'll upload some images here and you can see the stuff I've worked on and built over the decades. I generally do this for fun; not financial reward. (I have strange ideas of what is "fun", so I am told.)

  • Dom D.

    I got a Marshall YJM100 about 1 month ago and after 33 years of playing i think i have found the amp for me. Still early days but this thing has impressed me soooo much and inspired me onto a new playing level. I can't put the guitar down at the moment. Every spare moment i get i'm plugged in. Superb tone at low volume and at higher volumes it's magical. Ok so it should ideally be hand hard wired with a spring reverb but when circuit boards and digital reverb sound this good i'm willing to give it a go. I only live a short journey from the Marshall factory so if the boards fail i can always drop it into the repair shop. I hope i never have to!

    All the classic Plexi sounds plus modded plexi sounds and it loves pedals so can adapt to any sound you desire. SG - wah - booster - amp and a 2 chord vamp and i can loose myself in a mixolydian stupor for hours. 

  • Jay G.

    Hi all  -I am new to the group and always looking to learn more about amps.  My son and I currently have 3 rigs,


    Line 6 Spider III 75 watt practice amp

    Egnater Rebel 20 full stack

    Ampeg Diamond Blue Series Jet 20

  • Stevie Joe

    I just switched out the filter caps on mt 5E3 Tweed Deluxe to Sprague Atom 20uf/500v also switched out the coupling caps to SoZo Vintage BlueMolded 0.022uf 400v As for the new Tubes, NOS Philips 5Y3GT, NOS Tung-Sol 6V6, NOS 1963 Philco 12AY7/6072A  , NOS Jan/Philips 12AX7. I can't believe how great this Moding sounds. I don't have the farty sound from Humbeckers like it did with 0.1uf 600v Mallory did.  Note rings out and the response from my touch is amazing. This is the best Amp I have ever played. After 42 years of playing  guitar and countless Amps it's about time I found the right Amp. 

     If you ever have a chance to play a 1950's  Tweed Deluxe with this setup you will agree with me that it's the last Amp you will ever buy.

     Next Mod is Mercury Magnetics Transformers.

     What do you guys think about Mercury Magnetics Transformers? Is it worth the money for them? I cant see how it will make this amp sound any better then it does now.

  • Stevie Joe

    Is there any 5E3 Fender Deluxe fans out there? I built a Mission Amps Kit 5E3 two weeks ago and Love it. It's easy to do Mod's on. Bruce from Mission Amps is the best to work with. He will help you out if need be.

     I see why Eric Clapton recordes with this amp. It Rocks!!!

  • Tommywho5150

    Dude, you're very welcome, glad i could help out. i know the HT-5 records brilliantly so i would expect it's little brother to be in the same ballpark, glad you like it.

  • Danny B

    Ht-1 is home. Man, what balls on such a little cutey! Real nice clean tone too. Great little practice amp.

    Listening to the speaker emulation through headphones, it should record nicely as well.

    Thanks heaps for that advice Tommy.

    Thought you might find it hard to part with the 5150 and JCM800. hehehe. I don't think I could do it if they were mine. And I'm sure they have a very nice home and would be very sad to leave.

  • Stevie Joe

    Hi Amp Fans,

    I think I found the tubes for my Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue. after 10 sets of 6L6 & 5881. Jan/Phillips 6L6WCG are the best with JJ12AX7 in v1 Jan/Phillips 5751in v2/v3. Great for Blues. Only took me 3 years.lol   Also took the stock ear piercing speeker out and put in a Jensen C12N. {;>) 

     IF you have a FBDR try this setup. You might like it. I do.


  • Tommywho5150

    no Danny, i decided to keep them both just incase i fall back in love with them!..lol

    not that i ever fell out of love with them, they are just getting a little long in the tooth and most sound guys HATE the 5150 because it sounds awful unless you really crank it, but i may build a special cabinet for it once i have finished my current guitar projects, a 4X12 but totaly enclosed with just a microphone inside it and soundproofed, that way i won't kill everyone with my stage volume and the soundguys can relax a little. saying that though, i can't see me using anything other than the VH4 anymore.

    if i were you i'd just buy a regular HT-1 and use a decent reverb pedal maybe save yourself a little cash.