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I know a lot of members love poetry as I do too. I am just no good at it but I love to try.
So hows about some fine poetry...
"I want a garden where the trees have no leaves"

  • John(Lizweedus)

    More poetry please.....


  • John(Lizweedus)

    The meeting place has misery on it's door

    members moaning,getting angry and much more.

    It's time to stop this bickering crowd

    it's gone beyond ugliness and it's getting too loud.

    So put on a tune and wear a big grin

    talk of Frank and your love for him

    Give up the anger, the hate and the spite

    let's work together and make things right.


  • John(Lizweedus)

    Excellent wordz folks. Nice one.




         The Immigrant

    The wind blows in his homeland,

    He wonder where it goes,

    But isn't it sad,he got told,

    New York City was made outta gold. 

    Now here he stands,all alone,

    Home sick,hungry 'n' the 3rd degree.

    Poor boy just wants to go home,

    But he's locked up in the land of the free.

    Radio free America had filled his head,

    With dreams of coke machines,

    Now the cold hard cement is his bed,

    His only hope his dreams. 

    Back in his land he's got a wife and family,

    Poor boy just wants to go home,

    But he's locked up in the land of the free.


  • Busnumber33

    Question in Quotation (never finished) aug. 26, 2011

    Who are you and what am I?
    No answers to my suprise,
    Figure out the truths and lies
    And only get more questions.

    What is this? Where did they go?
    Not suprised you don't know,
    Nothing ever seems to show,
    Not even your suggestions.

  • Busnumber33

    life is like a clock that is ticking in the sky,

    life is like a clock that is ticking ticking by.

    idea is my seconds

    emotion is my minutes

    reality my hour. 

    day, month, hour, mend it

    and we wait for the year to end it.

  • John(Lizweedus)

    More poetry please...

  • danielebartalini d.

    L'acqua che scende dal monte ha una proprietà particolare,

    ha la coda che spinge la testa o almeno da questa si fa tirare....

  • John(Lizweedus)

    LaughingJust got my ticket for Bridgewater Hall

    Novermber is the date and I will be having a ball.

    Meeting nice folk,Zappa all the way

    The music is the best...that's all from me today.

  • MrDo