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A place to reminisce or discuss solo releases from "Crunchy Water" to "Go with What You Know."

  • Tommy Quirk

    I definitely recognize the hat and shirt that Dweezil is wearing. 


  • Gary

    To clarify the "pic" AF Dianora posted. That is from the closing credit segment of Roseanne: Season 6, Episode 22 "I Pray The Lord My Stove To Keep" There is a great line that John Goodman delivers during the dinner blessing in that episode "yes lord the chicken is particularly good".

    Also of note in the episode  "Busted" Roseanne: Season 6, Episode14, In this Episode Ahmet Zappa is a guest. His room has an FZ "WE ARE WHAT WE WATCH"  Honker Home Video Poster , after the closing credits there is a Full Screen dedication that reads F.Z.  R.I.P.

  • AF Dianora

    Picture 31

    i stumbled over this on netflix looking for the 1960s mothers documentary; an unusual guest appearance

  • Gary

    I did get a chance to see all the Normal Life episodes. I think DZ & MZ had a great concept that the producers of the show molded into their own vision rather than taking the original concept that DZ & MZ had envisioned. It was a fun show but unfortunately the network had little to no drive as it was up against stiff competition from NBC. 1 season 13 episodes.... well it deserved more.

  • Tricia

    Matt, that would be cool but I doubt it will ever happen.

  • Matt F.G.

    I've always thought it's a shame there is no DVD compiling all the Dweezil and Z stuff, as well music videos as shows....

  • Tricia

    I have the Normal Lifes all on video. I used to watch them all the time. It was cute.

  • Buddy Seamus

    Anyone remember the sitcom "Normal Life" circa right before "Confessions" hit? They always had a segment where Dweezil would be in his bedroom giving guitar lessons to some kid. I remember really liking the theme music Dweezil had composed too. He and Moon Unit were pretty funny from what I remember. I wish they would release that on DVD.

  • David McCain

    I agree with George T: " Confessions " really knocked the wind out of me. I didn't really know Dweezil's stuff. I knew he worked with my idol at the time--Eddie Van Halen. But Dweezil and " Confessions " were my first true Zappa experiences. After that, it was all Frank and Dweezil. Via a friend, I did have FZ's " Sheik Yerbouti " before. But it was a copy from vinyl. Dweezil really impressed me and I set to learn some of the songs from " Confessions. " Just a great album. In my top twenty favorite CDs of all time!

  • Pauly T

    Yes! Happy Hour, that's it! Thank you lol