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  • DaveOC

    Only in LA - Les Claypool's good friends Stewart Copeland and Stanley Clarke sat in for the encore at the Primus show last night. Les said he stole all his licks from "this guy." Best Primus concert ever!

  • MrDo

    I just got new plates for my car today ( not vanity plates ), they are the state issue ones...

    the three letters in a row are FZF..........Frank Zappa Forever!....I was thrilled to get these plates :)


  • DaveOC

  • Gary


    Anyone reading this. My commentary is merely some thoughts of Good Will towards Dweezil's new project. I want to reiterate my appreciation for Dweezil Zappa's work and commune in the good will. If that sounds a bit too religious for someone's view, I am sure they stopped reading my commentary by now.


    While there is no need to create comparisons to the history, or the current state of music, in some socially retarded areas there seems to be one presence where someone is pigeon holing an opinion, where he/she or demon thinks Dweezil Zappa's artistic approach is an attempt to be a carbon copy guitar god that is 3 decades late. Pheeeew.


    For a moment let's not even entertain any of Dweezil Zappa's previous solo efforts, but in Dweezil Zappa's Pledge Music Project synopsis, that enough alone should be a clear and concise testament that this project is about new music that is being developed within it's own artistic galactic realm. Surely there are influences and collaborations going on here. One of which is the long awaited Dweeizil Zappa/Frank Zappa "Dragon Master", over the time of this new project Dweezil has surely talked about influences and collaboration, but for anyone that is getting out a scale to guitar gods, I feel it's more important to look at this project , or what any artist is doing, on an individual artistic plane. There is absolutely no need of putting it on a scale with guitar gods of the 60s through whatever time-portal known to mankind.


    Thankfully most of us here at Dweezil Zappa World do not need to view that form of downtrodden opinion all too frequently. But even when society offers up any form of left field comments, an occasional slanted view on any topic is a reminder of just how unique something can represent itself on it's own and that opinion is just opinion. It's clear that this project is what Dweezil as a composer is doing now. With a composition such as Dragon Master, as with many composers, sometimes the life of the development process of a composition takes a long time to bring to the recording studio.


    The Pledge Music Access Pass is a view into the artistic process of this project. Even in the early work-in-progress stage, it should be clear that this project is about a recording artist who now has the time to dedicate to a project that is far more aligned to his own artistic designs, it's not specifically paying tribute to his father, as in part by being on the road for a decade, or following a path of any guitar god. Could the project or a song be dedicated to his father, sure why not, but that is different this project is surely different than the touring history of Zappa Plays Zappa.


    It took some people a period of time to understand what Dweezil was doing over the last 1o years with Zappa Plays Zappa, quite a number had a prejudice opinion in the early stages. As ZPZ evolved I found it refreshing to see how so many were understanding and appreciating how it was a tribute to the composers work as opposed to fold spindle and mutilating the composers works with a mutated cover band agenda. It could be that there will be some level of prejudice with this solo project. Regardless of these Pheeeew, it’s refreshing to know that the feedback is overwhelmingly of opinion that Dweezil Zappa is now composing and working in a laboratory of his own artistic design.


    In 2014 it's not important to pioneer new instrumentation. In the case with modern music, Harry Partch had invented much of his own instrumentation, some very interesting instruments with ¼ tone intervals, but he was far more interested of his work as a composer than people viewing his work on a plane of unusual instrumentation. I'll keep my eyes and ears open and remain steadfast with thanks of good will that Dweezil is composing and sharing the ride in the studio with the world at large. It's been a long wait. It's a great time to be alive!



    Any word whats up with John S.? 

  • Trip

  • Mars

    Halloween was RIGHTEOUS this year. I believe I accomplished what I set out to do, scare the bejeebus out of the trick or treaters. 

  • DaveOC

                                                                  HAPPY HALLOWEEN !

  • Trip

  • David D

    looks like a few bogus members joining the site again

    • DaveOC

      Why would you say that I follow you around?

      Take the gif room for instance. You clearly stated "Let's see what we can come up with" That tells me that you want other members to post gifs. Not just you by yourself. Which is how it was before I started posting gifs. It's fun. Thanks for starting the group. As far as zappa.com goes, if I'm following you there, then so is GreyGhost,JustPlainDoug and many others who post photos and comments right after yours. It's what happens on this internet world. It's really hard for me to understand why my postings bother you. You are far more active on this site than I am. My time off the internet is spent well.

      Thanks for not calling me a stalker, though.



    • Trip

      @ Lizweedus,

      DaveOC also follows me around zappa.com,but he's coevad over thereI don't think he has anything better to do with his time.

    • John(Lizweedus)

      They will more than likely be another one (or 3) of DaveOc's alter ego's. Someone else to follow Trip around. Have you noticed it too ?

    • DaveOC

      They get deleted pretty quick, though.

      There's four on the members page now.

      Hey, I just noticed that members avatars are no longer listed on the individual group pages.

    • Mars

      Oh no....let me know what the profile link is please so I can make sure to stay far away.