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  • David D

    r.i.p. tessio

    • Gary

      Several comments I've seen from folks from our generation's first comment was "R.I.P Tessio". Not that I did not appreciate Abe Vigota's work in The Godfather but what first came to my mind was his years of work playing Fish on The Barney Miller show.

      Something about that character of a cranky man who is near retirement, what's so ironic is that most of my friends that are retired NYC cops had retired decades before the elederly character on Barney Miller. Sure was a fun show.

      Faint memories when the Fish character retired and Abe got his own show.  Not that I could recall all the things Abe had done in his career but when I went back and watched all The Dark Shadows episodes a few years back I remember him playing a guy who was a SilverSmith and had made a Pentigram. Would be fun to go back and watch his works. R.I.P.


  • Gary


    NYC Post Blizzard Check in.

    Hope all are safe.

  • Trip

    RIP David Bowie ! (January 8th 1947 –  January 10th 2016)

    • Gary

      The diversity of his work had allways struck a chord. May it ring from Mars throughout the universe.

      At this moment I pause and meditate on Paul Jackets interviewing the many characters David had played.....

      Peace and Good will to his family, friends and all who were touched by his presence.

      David Bowie RIP.

  • Gary

    Thinking of Pierre Boulez today.  In the Modern Classical World, in speaking of composition, and but also, all the Dance Me This That and Whatever that may accompany the music, Igor Stravinsky's The Rite Of Spring set the Shock Factor, or pointedly, opened eyes and ears to new sounds.

    In Pierre Boulez we had a conductor and composer whose suit fit perfectly. Like a Pinochle game of sorts, where there was always lots of tricks in the cards so to speak. By no means am I interested in gambling, but if one thing that holds suit is that chances were taken. So if there is one place I do like the idea of taking chances it is that in modern classical music.

    In thinking back to how he moved his hands to the works of Stravinsky to Zappa, Boulez's conducting technique made an evening at the theater that is the This, That and Whatever portion of the equasion. But in the music I can remember where the sounds at Carnegie Hall were literally moving around in a speudo wagon train formation. While surround sound in home theaters may be common these days, for a classical concert to have speakers throughout the stalls made for music to be heard the way Boulez had intended. 

    I feel fortunate to have witnessed Boulez conduct. If my commentary may be all too connected to Frank Zappa maybe that is intended because Boulez helped Frank Zappa's music come alive. Not unlike a monster movie, for whatever High Chair Donald Roller Wilson's Patricia The Dog is currently seating, be rest assured that the hallmark of condiments on the table would all give thanks to Boulez's work in Modern Classical Music.

    May Pierre Boulez and Frank Zappa forever Dance Me This.  


  • Trip

  • DaveOC

    Happy New Year!

  • GMBG

    Happy Feast of the Circumcision to all (in other words, Happy New Year).  Hit me up if you need an explanation {but in short, if Jesus was born on the the 25th, then 8 days later, he would have been circumcisized, being a nice Jewish boy from Nazareth}. 

    And, DZ -- when will you update the tour dates section to include the Via Zammata tour?

    Warm wishes for a great 2016 to all!


    • Gary

      And a Happy Feast to you.

      A pause and prayer for all that are going through difficult times. May the levee of hope and good will be the sunlight that casts a shadow of positivity on all.

      No matter how rough the waters of life may get, may the words of the late FDR be inspiration. 

      "The only fear is fear itself" Fraknlin Delano Roosevelt.

      Prime Rib in the oven and the Arancini are ready for the fryer. May all have a safe and happy new year. All The Best to everyone at DZW in 2016. Good Will To All. 

  • Trip

    RIP Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister [24 December 1945 – 28 December 2015]


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