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  • jaws

    Steve Vai on 12 June 
    Still considering a trip to Tromsø for the DZPFZ show in July but flights, hotel and tickets make it expensive


  • jaws

    Four Zappa releases this weekend.  Some great content 

  • Gary

    There is a severe case of false dichotomy over at the Zappa NG. In where comments I had made a very long time ago are being broken apart, seemingly to serve up another false agenda of childhood adolecense.


    As a human being, the level of TRUST, is something we earn. In the case with the Zappa Family Trust ,many may have thought Frank Zappa set this up for equal sharing amongst the family. One where I was a good will ambassador of standing behind every action that Gail Zappa made. Surely as any fan may have had, I had an impression of where Gail had been protecting the rights of the composer, I don't think anyone understood the level of, let me put this in a kind and hoepfully, politically correct manner, that Gail had UNFAIRLY AND UNEVENLY, policed the fairness and equality amongs all parties of the Trust, I think we can see that the so called trust of that authority was unknowingly breached by her actions. Don't think FZ ever wanted it the way Dweezil is explaining things went down.


    As we see in society trust in controlling authority, let's use the POLICE as an example, that authority is not always upheld. It goes way beyond getting arrested on the total crimilization that FZ was talking about in Joe's Garage.  It's not like Gail handed out doughnuts and demanded any given family members stick closer to church oriented social activities.

    What Dweezil brought to the public in his comments is shocking to say the least. While I had heard minor ramblings of Gail charging ZPZ, on some given level,  for a part of what they have been doing, in no way did I ever have an understanding of what Dweezil had described in his recent letter.

    As I had stated, I have lost my brain, heart and courage. Let's call it TRUST in the ZAPPA FAMILY TRUST. Clearly it seems, that on some levels, animals have things more together than humans. Go watch Runaway Train.

    In such a case, as what has only recently become known,  for fans to display this False Dichotomy, where they think that AT THIS TIME, that I trust the ZFT more so than anyone else alive, that is really messed up, what is the dateline today, recent commentary by Dweezil is more enlightening than tin foil development of the NASA space program, and but also, for others to then take it to another lever of perversion, where they state,  that I TRUST the ZFT more than Dweezil. That is Just Plain Old Fashion Doughnuts, Ice Pick To The Forehead Wrong!

    Folks should realise that over time that TRUST can be broken. I stand with Dweezil Zappa, that the TRUTH be resolved.  In my deepest sincerity I wish for what is fair and just. Click my heels 3 times........


    A wise man once stated I should no longer participate at the Zappa News Group. Wisdom is the Domain of the Wiz, which is extinct! There is no Wizzard Behind The Curtain. But thank God there is Dweezil Zappa.

    In Dweezil I Trust.

  • Gary

    Amazed of how the love we make becomes the fabric of our lives. My youngest daughter is receiving her first holy communion tomorrow. She has had a struggling year with Epilepsy. To see her growth both intelectually and spritually is a blessing. A proud day for this dad.

  • Gary

    In regards to the 80s Medley..... Concpetually speaking a little time is needed and decisions are to be made. Whiel I've given the medley another quick listen I do not have the time to document it at this point. Sounds like a good idea for a Group where folks can enter the timings, artist and songs. Peace

  • Gary

    Great show at the Gramercy Theater. Some brief commentary. The wide diversity of Dweezil's compositions, and but also, countless musical themes throughout the 80s weaved it's way into the show long before we hit the 25 minute encore medley. Just as much it would be fun to document the medley, it's a shame I don't have a definitive archive of the many layers of comedy that made it's way into the program. While there are far too many Dweezil Zappa songs that could not be played, what was chosed was a well designed noght of entertainment. One thing for sure, it's been far too long since I've witnessed a full show of predominantly Dweezil Zappa music. While Jimi Hendrix Freedom was a nice surprize, regarless of any given song that was missed, the overal tapestry was diversity. If this was a Frank Zappa show diversity was the secret word of the day.

    Very much like Via Zamata, the program was a constant shift of stylings, with enough humor that was connecting the dislexic aspects of things that do not seem to fit together. But by now, most that know DZs solo works well realize how it all fits together.

    If a person was familiar with one or two Boston songs, surely they would easily catch on to where there is not much difference in their entire set. From song to song, album to album, the rock band Boston has a common element that goes beyond Tom Scholz Rockman sound. Surely the Rockman is soo much a part of the bands sound, all that layers byond the rockman, that too is all like waxed dental floss. In Boston I hear little to no diversity.

    The opening act was a nice suprize. I'll leave any commentary on Mikki Hommel's opening set and guest blues improv with DZs band for another time but simply put myself and many in attendance thoroughly enjoyed her work. The Waves FOH was excelent. The many unique layerings of vocals, and stereo guitar effects were very clear. Very impressive! One such example is  DZs lead and the background vocals sections(Songbirds on the record) in Rat Race. Lot's of diferent areas where the live environment had many production elements that were unique on the record. Hard to beleive that all came alive so to speak, WAVES FOH is mind blowing.  


    As much as any concert goer may not have grasped DZs diversity, the jokes and popular themes conencted the dots to a bigger picture that is well know in DZ solo shows. By the time the evening was over, those dots were not only connected but they were colored in by a  25 minute 80s medley. The level of familiarity is unparalleled on any live stage. The harsh contrast between so many different styles of music, wrapped in commedy and what seemed like 200 plus songs of popular 80s themes, well the overall evening is a Rembrandt.



  • Gary

    The artist formerly known as Justin Bieber could open the show and I would stay and support Dweezil Zappa.

  • Gary

    Surely Noel is not the first concert goer to leave a concert because they were not satisfied with the opening act. Wonder how concert goers faired with Wild Man Fisher when he opened for any given band.

    When it comes to support, or lack there of,the concert goer may very well decide to put his existance on either side of the track.

    Regardless of what my enjoyment quotient is for The Reformed Whores I will be at tonight's show supporting Dweezil Zappa.

  • jaws

    10 years of ZPZ and 50 years of Frank.  A lot to celebrate this year 

  • Gary

    Hoping that the DZ solo and DZPFZ shows have some Prince and Bowie in them. While the band formerly knows as ........ has done a variety of covers, the 80s medley that Dweezil Zappa solo shows have done has a long list of popular songs from that era. There could very well allready be a number of Prince and Bowie sections in there.  Hopefully they include that medley when I see a show later this week, but here is a toast to full songs that are a tribute to Prince and Bowie.

    Been revisiting lots of Prince and Bowie over the last several months. They gave us their heart in their music, when we listen to their works, we show them ours. To hear the common ground that exists in Frank's music, it is remarkable. The time of here and now of this comment, this bried commentary is far too short to get into the many details, countless possibiities, but in picking one of Prince's songs, "My Computer" from his Emancipation record, what  quickly comes to mind is both critical social commentary and heavy usage of synths that create a sci-fi vibe.

    Emancipation was released in 1996, just a short time after the Big Bang of the internet, we can see and hear the common ground in FZs work. Conceptually the song has parralells to FZs social ciritcal analysis of mass media TV and the usage of syths with VCF fileters. In the mid-90s the evils of the internet were growing, but in the end of the song Prince also can only make beleive that there will be a better world and a better life. TV and the Internet have the slime in them, or as Prince would call it, "Evil Incorporated".  God only knows if FZ had a chance to write on internet social commentary, but pointedly Prince's critical analysis, with similar tangents to I'm The Slime, in  My Computer we can see the common ground of both writing and music.

    Prince was well know for using Oberheim's,  but by the time of Emancipation he could very well sampled them in a Fairlight System. You can hear things that are in FZs I'm So Cute and Ship Ahoy. Kate Bush is a guest artist on My Computer and the who sci-fi layering is remarkable. There is "Hello, You've Got Mail", and "Goodby" AOL greetings from teh days of dial up. Lots of other things going on.

    Whiel many musicians could very well ahve used varients of Oberheim VCF filters the common ground between Prince and FZ is far too often missed. While I was discussing this with some Zappa fans over 30 years ago I am  surprized to see that the lack of attention FZ fans have given to that in this period of time.

    If I could request one Prince song for DZ to perform it would be hard, far too many amazing songs on his catalog. The Soul Ballad with Broadway the Hardway horns and a guitar solo Savior would certainly be a nice fit for the DZPFZ band but in telling a little story with similariteis to FZ, My Computer  is on that list. 

    Prince - My Computer



    Prince - Savior