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  • Trip

  • David D

    this was funny...i played a nationwide buzztime trivia game the other night at my favorite watering hole...the topic of the game of 15 questions was jimi hendrix...3 people around the nation got a perfect score of 15,000...my user name of zappa was at the top of the board...the funny thing was the second name under mine with a perfect score was dwezil

  • Trip

    Has anyone heard from John Schock ?

    I sent him a email the other day & he hasn't replied,hope he's okay.

  • DaveOC

  • MrDo

    Any updated news on Gails book?


    Howdy y'all! {-

  • Gary

    Johny Guitar Watson Alert 


    At this very moment,  Bounce Network is airing an episode of Soul Train with JGW, 3 lipsynch performances. Original airdate September 10 1977. 


    • 1st dance = I Feel Love by Donna Summer [ #6 Pop/ #9 R&B ]. 2nd dance = Brick House by The Commodores [ #4 R&B ]. 3rd dance = O-H-I-O by The Ohio Players [ #9 R&B ]. 1st lipsync = Make It With You by The Whispers [ #10 R&B ]. 4th dance = Devil's Gun by C.J. & Company [ #2 R&B ]. 2nd lipsync = A Real Mother For Ya by Johnny Guitar Watson [ #5 R&B ]. 5th dance = It's Ecstacy... by Barry White [ #1 R&B ]. 3rd lipsync = Tarzan by Johnny Guitar Watson [ b-side of Lover Jones ]. 6th dance = Runnin' For Your Lovin' by The Brothers Johnson [ #20 R&B ]. 4th lipsync = I'm Gonna Make You My Wife by The Whispers [ #54 R&B ]. Line Dance = Work On Me by The O'Jays [ #7 R&B ]. 5th lipsync = Lover Jones by Johnny Guitar Watson [ #34 R&B ].

      - Written by Keith Alexander



  • Tommy Quirk

    I haven't seen anything about this on the site yet, but it looks like Dweezil's Custom Experience Hendix Strat has been stolen.  It apparently was taken at some point between Montana and the first night of this leg of the tour in Kalamazoo.  




    • Ciaran Cunningham

      I'm sorry to hear that your guitar has been stolen DZ...i hope you get it back real soon. What a world we live in...

    • Gary

      I hope the thief get's caught. and but also, I hope that custom guitar gets to the point where as many as possible major parts have some form of lojack system built into them. Maybe a guitar could have 7 lojack type devices. and but also engravements that quickly show who the owner is. It's obvious that some of this is allready, I am not sure how far the Guitar Vauits takes lojacking but computer chips are getting so small, hopefully embedding them deep inside soemwhere. If cell phones can have GPS tracking why not a guitar. Hopefull this all could be done without affecting the fidelity but guitar thievery is getting uglier every day.

  • John W.

    I'm going to say it, "Who are the dweezilzappaworld police" wauwauwau. I notice that when this site got a new look, there is nothing about the YCFOSA shows. This is not my normal screen name, all names have been changed to protect the innocent. I'm just doing this because I have had friends who have been kick off the site for saying bad things about dweezil. I believe it is very crappy promise somebody something and not deliver but promised to deliver and never having any intention on finishing the shows. Your dad would ahead and finished in writing music on top of it all. I'm sure dweezil will come up with excuse after excuse, but really he has none other than he doesn't want to do it. He could certainly hire somebody to finish the shows up but hasn't after all this time. The truth is We'll never see them. Sucks to be dweezil and have a empty promise hanging over his head like this one. I would love t hear the one show I went too. So Dweezil, what's your excuse now? Maybe try doing your work instead of being on this site more than anyone else. I believe you have far to much work to be on this site. Just saying. I believe l Will be kicked off the site for speaking out and this post will not remain on this site. So when did a Zappa stop believing in free speech.