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  • MrDo

    Hello, I'm trying to buy the new ROXY DVD but can't seem to find it at Zappa.com or on this site.

    I see plenty on eBay but want to buy it through Zappa...

    Am I missing it or doing something wrong?

  • jaws

    Great show in Oslo tonight.  Another guest appearance by the wonderfully talented Haakon Kjeldsberg ably and amusingly introduced by his kid sister who also did a stage dive   And the band were joined for several songs by the 13 piece Norwegian Wind Ensemble.  Great to hear big band arrangements of tunes like The Grand Wazoo.  An amazing night and a fitting end to the tour.   Thanks Dweezil.   And I finally secured a copy of Roxy by Proxy.


  • John(Lizweedus)

    Roxy (blueray) DVD has just arrived. Yipeeeeeeee!

    Doors locked, blinds closed and phones off. 

    Am gonna have me a superb afternoon.

    Thank you to all involved in releasing this monster. 


  • Gary

  • DaveOC

    Dragon Master !

  • jaws

    Looking forward to ZPZ in Oslo on 2 November.  My one and only concert this year so might as well be perfection 

  • Gary

    Sweet! , I realize that December 1953 was a very long time ago but this piece is as Buns-Up Kneeling as anything Playboy could ever unfold before your eyes.

    So very nice to see that Rolling Stone can put together a noteworthy article and interview, including the soundcloud stream of Dragonmaster.

    In a given context Rolling Stone articles on Zappa over last few decades have been heartwarming. Instead of focusing on their long ago past, to put it mildly, the lack of taste they waved when Frank was alive in the flesh and compsoing, I want to duely note that in the climate of dwindling interst of artistic respect, it's refreshing to see Rolling Stone's efforts. I applaud their effort.


    While some publications are removing themselves from their core attraction, who knows maybe some magazine editors got the cooties, in the case with Rolling Stone, where Music editorials are still an objective, it's great to see that with an internet with copious amount of music, both legal and illegal, that Rolling Stone has not squashed the music quotient out of their editorial decisions. 


    Goodningt Marilyn Monroe  wherever you are. 

  • Dweezil