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This is a group for the FEMALE Zappa fans. We're not very common... most Zappa fans are usually male. But we do exist! You'll find some of us here. This group was mainly intended for women, but the guys are welcome to join us.

  • Gtrz4peace

    Hi Ladies! Longtime fan, and a pro musician married to another pro musician with a pro musician son (how redundant, right?) Was lucky enough to meet Frank when he was alive, and to have met Dweezil at a 2014 ZPZ Show in Vancouver BC. Dweezil's band is a class act; his family messed that one up because the one thing that is needed now is for Frank's music to reach an ever wider audience! That is one thing needed; the other thing is for Bernie to win the contested convention and let's get the wheels of democracy turning again in the US.  Disclaimer: am also former Democrats Abroad Exec Board member and founder of BC For Bernie!

  • Tippy

    Hi ladies. Glad to see some other female fans. 

  • diane p.

    Long time Zappa fan. I bought a lot of LPs growing up and I bought OSFA on a whim. Looked interesting. I immediatly fell in love with the creativity,musicianship and humor. The band was so f*****g TIGHT!!! So different from all the blues based rock and roll out at the time. His jazz fusion era is still my favorite. Love to see Dweezil whenever possible. Even took my granddaughter along. So sorry to read about the drama with the family. Very, very sad. I must say I support Dweezil and all he does with his father's and his music. I hope the family solves their issues amicably and healing begins.

  • Tara J.

    I LOVE FRANK!! I've had his last name tattooed on my upper arm for over 17 years!! Music & Frank Zappa are the best!!!!

  • Krystle

    One perk of seeing ZPZ show, short line for the lou.

  • MrDo

  • DaveOC

    Proceed with caution.

  • Cosette S.

    December 19, 2012

    No comments on my post?

    Am I that boring?





  • Cosette S.

    December 8, 2012

    I am not sure whether it is important that I am a lady or not relative to Frank Zappa, or the fact that he was male. He was a cool, iconic, so very intelligent man though and this is my attraction to him..... his intelligence, and individuality.

    He appeared to be or was a real family man also.... and this is a plus, plus for him.

    I  hope to enjoy this group.

    I do not often hear or know anything much about Frank's personal life.... his likes, dislikes.... what his taste was in women although, he was happily married for so many years.

    Another plus, plus!

    I would like to know what the personal psychology of Frank Zappa was, his distinct philosophy of life was.... the dynamic (without being to personal) of his family life.... his likes, dislikes.

    Blessings and a flow of good will to all in this group.

    I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays, thus far. I saw Dweezil in concert last evening.

    A great show! A great band personnel!