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A place for those who enjoy pro wrestling as well as Frank & Dweezil's music. I have always wondered hopw many people share both interests and if anyone has ever noticed the connection between the Zappa's and wrestling?

  • Jay G.

    Hi - Yes I am a Zappa and wrestling fan going back to the early 70s.  Right now watching old AWA shows on my DVR.

  • KJ

    A 2CW.com Exclusive Interview with JAKE 'THE SNAKE' ROBERTS!!! I loved doing this interview for many reasons, but hear why Jake is a wrestling LEGEND @ www.2cw.com

  • MarkWrangler

    Ready to Rumble soundtrack:
    Dweezil Zappa-Diamond Dallas Page (King of Ba-Da-Bing) Theme

    Ahmed & Dweezil Zappa-Baby One More Time

  • KJ

    I guess the obvious would be Ahmed Zappas involvement in the wrestling movie "Ready To Rumble". An admitted fan, Ahmed looked like he was having fun in his scene.

    Another one is Frank's song, "Broken Hearts Are For Assholes." In the speaking part in the middle, there's mention of a grudge match with "three hundred and seventy nine pounds of Samoan dynamite..."

    Anyone think of any more?