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I have been a Chef for over 22 years and mainly do Catering.

That is one of my creations I did for a private party.

I can answer most questions you might have about how to prepare stuff but am always interested in learning family recipes and what not as no one knows everything. I have a pretty good library of reference books to consult if someone does pose that stumper of a question.

Mainly I just like to discus food!

but first...Let's Eat!

  • Kev

    How do you feel about fried crickets?

  • Ian

    Well I did it, 300+ student cave explorers fed and watered, the best spread so far, poor deluded fools want Me to do it again next year.

     By then I'll be living in the west of England, on a small farm helping to raise rare breed livestock, and running a (get this) "Research Kitchen", making the most of our free range produce....the boss does not get why I laughed out loud when she mentioned Research Kitchen....I'll have to educate her.

  • flammaster

    I never went to school I learned on the job.  (sink or swim culinary academy I call it)I have also found that those who learn from doing are much better also.  In fact my first chef is the Sgt. of Arms for the ACF and he never did culinary school he just documented all his work and got certification through the American Culinary Federation.

  • Ian

    I'm not a Chef, and have no formal training in any cullinary skills, BUT, I seem to have become the "Go to Guy" for a British University student organization, that every November holds a massive party, (allegedly its a training seminar, hahahaha), where I have to feed 300 to 350 students, who have spent the day exploring the local Caves.

    The menu is set pretty simply, mostly to save on work, and I always seem to pull off a miracle, BUT, each time I get very close to insanity doing it, does anyone out there have any advice on how to remain calm, and not turn in to an obnoxious asshole in the kitchens..........it's not easy.

    Still, the half naked disco afterwards usually helps me calm down.

     I also cook for my own caving club (Speelunking Grotto to you Americans), thats a lot less stressful, AND, I get to really show off my abilities to my friends.



  • apostrophe

    @ flammaster - hiya!

    I don't plug in the crock pot...just wrap in a towel and plug in when you arrive to bring the heat back up.

  • flammaster

    Wow my daughter made soft pretzels today that were quite good!  I turned her on to using mustard on them and also a trick from a German friend who told me to put butter on them.  She is my pasty chef now.

  • flammaster

    do you plug it into the lighter?  I haven't used one of those in years.  I love em though but have no room in my kitchen right now.

  • apostrophe

    I drive a lot it seems, and a crock pot is the only way to go if it has to be hot and not utilize any kitchen space where you're going to.

  • flammaster

    since i don't drive It takes me an hour to go back and forth from my store yet I live in a pretty big suburban town in the Bay Area.

  • Loves All Music

    It is a little country town with no stores, If you buy food to take its still at least 45minuts away. And everyone did that, we had KFC, Church chicken, Brookshire Brothers chicken and 2 other boxes of chicken. My chili was the only the only thing that wasn’t fried chicken. Needless to say it was a big hit.