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A place for all of us "closet chefs" to share our favorite recipes. Be it a burnt weenie sandwich or a nice call any vegetable soup, post it here for our culinary scrutinizing.

  • Saul

    It smell funny in here

  • Saul

    Omg, is this the muffin research facility?

  • Danny H.

    Had the best Pho in Miami yesterday?? Dangerous??? I would say so... especially if you're wary of tendons, tripe and other grstley bits... But it was too badass!!!

  • Francoise

    I have a pretty sweet tooth, which often causes internal battles with my conscious eating habits = ).

    One recipe I wanna share though is simple and just finger-licking good. Sesame and/or sunflower seeds, slightly roasted in tahin paste or neutral-tasting oils.

    I either add some stevia or honey right before it's done. Variations allow a lil salt, cocoa powder (4 the happy feelings), sweet paprika powder, cayenne pepper powder, vanilla..

  • apostrophe

    looking forward to fresh roasted poblanos from the market tomorrow!

  • Stefano

    Fresh celery dipped in guacamole queen...Perfect aperitivo. Don't forget your beans.

  • Lisa S.

    My boyfriend loves popcorn that haven't popped. The sound of his teeth crushing it is horrible :) Martha, you're just fine!!

    Dani, I'm on a diet! Your description made me drool... :-P

  • Patrick, aka Sonoy

    naaaa Martha U'd be weird if U liked popcorn w/out it being popped...lol, takes a heck alot more than slightly burnt popcorn to be considered weird here....

  • Martha A.

    Am I weird because I like slightly burnt popcorn?

  • Dani

    Made a strawberry rhubarb upside down cake the other night, just put a stick of melted butter and cup of brown sugar right in the pan and put the sliced strawberry and rhubarb on top, then layered southern style (hot milk) white cake batter on top and baked it...goooooood. Hand whisked some whipped cream and delish!!