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Let's discuss Shampoohorn, Music for Pets and Bone Us.

  • Cory

    Shampoohorn was one of my favorite CDs of the 90s.  I used to listen to that record ALL THE TIME!  Still love it. Music for Pets is good, too ("Father Time" is beautiful), but Shampoohorn will always be one of my faves.

  • bob k.

    Just listened to Shampoohorn what a great CD. Would of loved to have seen Z live.

  • Gary

    @ purpleguitar

    Yes, the US version has some surprises at the end of the album. I am not going to give those away, it's a listeners learning experience, but while we are talking of the recordings made for that album, the magnitude of the amount of material, the evolution, the musicians that worked for DZ, not only recorded but one Joe Travers that made it into the band and is still around today, that is something to not only listen to the differences of the releases but carry a sense of optimism for things that have happened and things that are to come.
    To quote Dweezil Zappa
    Taken from DZW DZ BIO. This is in regards to Shampoohorn Recording Sessions, Euro & US releases.

    "Armed with a mountain of material and no permanent drummer the band entered the family owned rehearsal space called Joe's Garage and rehearsed with several different drummers who ended up playing on tracks for the new album. Those drummers included Terry Bozzio, Mark Craney, Toss Panos, and Tal Bergman. Rather than move to a studio they set up for recording rehearsals. The band recorded over 3 dozen tracks at Joe's Garage. The "Shampoohorn" album was completed in 1992 but awaited it's release over a year later. It was eventually released with 2 different track listings.

    So much more can be said about changes to the drum chair when Josh Freese never showed up for the first day of work at Joe's Garage, but what Frank Zappa stated only adds to Dweezil's comments on the matter. Look at that long list of highly skilled drummers Dweezil spoke of. That long list of drummers and mountain of material that Dweezil speaks of is even larger, I remember the reports from the Zappa hotline of Ansley Dunbar so we can add that to the list.
    My point is, Joe Travers becoming what Frank Zappa stated "Now You've Got Yourself A Real Drummer". Frank knew of all these great drummers and for him to speak so boldly of Joe, right out of the box, seeing Joe perform with Z for the first time, that says a whole lot.
    Now, I am interested to hear what you have to say not only about the additional two tracks but the special surprises at the end of the record. I'll give you two clues, Backmasking and Raymond Burr. As far as all the rest of the mountain of material from those recording sessions that have not seen the light of day. Regardless of how much time has gone by, any given reason for it as of yet not seeing the light of day, I am forever the optimist with hopes of more or the remainder of the material getting a release. In 2000 we got a tasting of some of that material. Therapy from the DZ CD Automatic.... One song that Frank Zappa & Dweezil Zappa fans await is a song co-written by Frank & Dweezil, that being Dragonmaster.
    So if you are still with me, I hope you enjoyed my commentary. Yes, frequently what I write is a bit lengthy but even in the most dire times, when speaking of Official Zappa  it is always optimistic. If there were a group of imaginary Dweezil Zappa fans that spent copious amounts of energy b******g and moaning why all the Shampoo Horn Session material is still in limbo in the vault, more times than not, I am just not in harmony with that kind of immaginary fan that needs to perpetuate the agenda of p*****g, b******g, moaning and harassing me or my idea of a good time. There is an ocean of the worlds finest optional entertainment. Since 1967, when it comes to official Zappa, music is the best and I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

  • purpleguitar

    Does anybody know if there are any differences other than the 2 different tracks on the european version of Shampoohorn and the US release maybe different mixes like on the 2 versions of Music for pets. ive just picked up a US version of Shampoohorn for a couple of dollars off ebay.

  • purpleguitar

    Yes sorry I meant The Wizzard.

  • Buddy Seamus

    I read an interview where Dweezil revealed that the "Singer In The Woods" is essentially E.T. as performed and interpreted by Ahmet.  Anyone notice any similarity to that new alien movie "Paul"?

  • Gary

    @ Purpleguitar.

    Where you state "I love the sound of Dweezil's guitar on the Warpigs clip a Les Paul straight into a 5150 it sounds awesome."

    Are you referring to "The Wizzard"?

  • purpleguitar

    I saw the appearance of My Beef Mailbox on YouTube it was one of my Favourite clips but it got removed Dweezil was playing the cow skin guitar. I love the sound of Dweezil's guitar on the Warpigs clip a Les Paul straight into a 5150 it sounds awesome.

  • Gary


    You bringing this up alerts two due noted corrections.

    First as one can tell in the provided youtube link it corrects the previous dialog where the old lady in the soundproof booth was on a different episode than the one where Z performed "My Beef Mailbox".

    Secondly Dweezil Zappa, Ahmet Zappa, John Tesh & Max Weinberg(who is off camera) performed Black Sabbath "The Wizard" on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. This was not a Z appearance on Conan but an episide where Dweezil & Ahmet were guests. John Tesh was also a guest on that show .




  • David McCain

    Hopefully Ambassador can help me here:

    Was there a show where Z played with John Tesh?!? Just curious. . . .