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  • flamdrags

    I have a Gibson Skylark amp that sounds sooooo sweet but has no reverb.  I use a Alesis Nanoverb on the linear setting which sounds close to spring reverb but not quite.  I wonder if I could put a spring tank into it.  (I'm not afraid to alter it)

  • flamdrags

    Well I refinished my old Sonor drum set in a nice bubinga finish.

  • bob k.

    Scott, I noticed at the Lupos show where he was away from the pedalboard and was getting that sound.

  • Gary

    @ bob.k,

    Happy to give you some basic info. I believe Dweezil does have a way of achieving the half cocked wah sound without  having to have a physical wah in the position. 

    While your interest was raised on DZs Telecaster. Have you listened closely to Trouble Everyday on Dweezil Zappa F.O.H. III Out Of Obscurity. I am amazed at how Dweezil has gotten so close to FZs tone. Reason being is the distorted sound FZ had was from over-driving the sound board. There were no distortion pedals when Freak Out was recorded. The sound of a distorted guitar came from over-driving the the track the guitar was recorded on at the sound board.  For Dweezil to spend the time to figure out what guitar, effects and programming to recreate that specific tone is one of the elements of what DZP does that is so very special.  I could see where another guitarist would just play it in the ballpark but DZ does lots of homework and achieves remarkable results.   

  • bob k.

    Thanks Gary.  At times it has that “aw” vowel sound, like a wah-wah pedal stopped in the middle. I wondered if it was in the pickups. My Dimarzio paf pro pickups can get that sound with added distortion. I wonder if the Tele's body is Swamp Ash ?

  • Gary

    @ bob.k,

    I know that DZ was performing this song on a Telecaster. Dweezil had quite a number of Fractal Expression Pedals in his rig at that time. He could very well have also had some boutique pedals to go along with the expression pedals.

  • bob k.

    Love Dweezil's tone on  'Sexual Harassment in the Workplace' off the CD - OUT OF OBSCURITY does anybody know what pedal is being used ?[ I'm sure 99.9% is in his fingers]


  • Samia S.

    Question to anyone here who makes or repairs guitars:
      Gibson started to use tortoise colored celluloid (Plastic) for pickguards and binding because they thought it was a brand new exotic material...In the early 1900's...Most people are okay with this choice and buy their propaganda "whatever material offers maximum results for resonance and sympathetic vibrations on an acoustic no matter what it's made out of." However they use bone nuts and saddles in their vintage replica models for historic authenticity, and since we all  know their several quality checks this only means " if you've got the money, you'll get the real stuff but not in 2 weeks"; I've heard corian was developed as a human bone replacement and they use non-Corian plastic to a pre-cut Tusq for the rest of us.And that is why I admire Lowden, Gurian, John Gréven Monteleone,  Martine Montassier ,Franck Cheval,Jean marie Fouilleul. and all those who just don't try to copy Martin ou Gibson. I know platic parts have been commonly used for the last decades, but if we truly had a choice, I'd still rather hold a woman with real boobs and not perfectly polished and formed fake ones :) So my question is: how can it be an improvement technically and in design?  Plus how do we know this sh..te isn't toxic?   

  • Phil

    been a strange journey really .... just picked up the guitar in October, (learning using ROCKSMITH) .. i think I get a little better everyday, but I'm also an instrument engineer so "signal conditioning"  has always been important to me .... how much fun it was adding a couple of pedals to my guitar and applying signal conditioning to my guitar. We recently took it to another level and purchased the

             Line 6 POD HD 400

    anyone else playing with this "toy" ? if you have never seen it take a look !

  • Gary

    Arc Angel from
    the Gear Page.net writes
    02-15-2012, 10:22 AM

    Testing with Dweezil Zappa: His New Rig with JAM Pedals and Crazy Tubes