About Group

This group is for guitarists who have a common interest in the guitar playing of the Zappa world. Feel free to share and discuss not only Frank and Dweezil's incredible six-string prowess, but also the contributions of others such as Lowell George, Denny Walley, Ray White, Ike Willis, Adrian Belew, Steve Vai, Mike Keneally, and other guitarists who have worked with Frank and Dweezil at one time or another. Emphasis should be on their work for the Zappas, and can include technical information such as gear used, techniques employed, and other specialties that some of these stunt guitarists brought to Zappa music. Video links, tabs, quotes, interviews, tips and any other related information can go here. The sky's the limit. Now, grab your favorite axe, and shut up 'n play yer guitar like reent-toont-teent-toont-teent-toont-teenooneenoonee!