Taking my 7 year old to his first ZPZ show tomorrow. Not sure who's more excited! - updated
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Audiophilia, Wood Working, and Human Behavior
Messing with the above interests, Concerts, playing bass, and homebrewing
Curb Your Enthusiasm, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Survivor, Modern Marvels, Deadliest Catch, Palladia Channel, The Simpsons, Pawn Stars, and American Pickers
Original Willy Wonka, Spinal Tap, Pulp Fiction, Boogie Nights, Lord of The Rings, and Life of Brian
ZAPPA, Tool, Clutch, Suicidal Tendencies, Pink Floyd, Rush, Steely Dan, Jane's Addiction, Les Claypool, and Puscifer
  • Cosmic

    Thank You :) Les Claypool, Jane's Addiction, Boogie Nights, LOTR - I love them all.

  • ccgwoodworks

    home brewing???i would love to do that but..i live in an apartment  ..hey thanks for the request


    What's up green_hocker,
    Fruie here just wanted to say thank's for the friendship.Dweezil
    Zappa World has been a blast so far.So much to see, And this site
    is a treasuretrove of Zappa information.Very nice to meet you.
    ttyl Peace Out Fruie Zappa ROCKS and DzPz ROCKS Zappa!

  • ccgwoodworks

    so what is new in baltimore?? i noticed that you do woodworking..thats awsome i too like to fabricate...i lost the shop though due to bad times in the economic jungle..i have a web site ..check it out ..i also have some updated work on photobucket..www,ccgwoodworks.net   it has not been updated for s few years...regards ccg 

  • John Schock

    Not at all, but besides having no hair, weigh in at 240, and 64 yrs old, I look exactly like that.

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